Words to French Folk Song in French

Karla Michelle Hamelin said: Jan 24, 2013
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Does anyone have the words to French Folk song in french? Or know where I could possibly find them?
Thank you!

Nora Hamerman said: Jan 25, 2013
Nora Hamerman
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Barb said: Jan 29, 2013
Barb Ennis
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Thank you Nora. This could be very helpful, but it is a different tune than the cello’s French Folk Song, unfortunately!

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Lisa Batten Murray said: Jul 1, 2014
Lisa Batten Murray
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You should contact Deborah Smith from Utah. I believe that French Folk Song is actually an amalgamation of multiple folk songs, and she included it in one of her books. She’d be the one best suited to answer your question!

Margarita said: Aug 2, 2014
Margarita SanchoCello
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I used to teach a french boy and I modified for him a text by Ruben Rivera (I don’t have or remember the original one…)

Chevalier, chevalier, qu’est-ce que tu fais?
Je fais mes bagages, je vais voyager.
Chevalier, chevalier, où irais tu?
Je vais visiter mon frère dans le sud
Attention quand tu descends dans la rue!

He was really into knights around this time…

Pierre Yves Gagnon said: Aug 10, 2014
Pierre Yves Gagnon
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Merci beaucoup,
I am French and for years I was unable to find either the words or the true title of French Folk Song. Those are very nice words, I will use with my French students. Incidently, “Je vais” need to be pronounced “J’vais” to fit the beat and you need to pronounce the E in “frère”. Doing so allows you to fit the all the words to the melody perfectly.

Pierre Y Gagnon

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