Loud metronome

Cynthia said: Jan 21, 2013
Knoxville, TN
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I have been using a Seiko metronome for years, and I murdered it by accident recently. So I bought another Seiko, but am not satisfied with the sound volume. Does anyone know of a good loud metronome for piano teachers whose students love the dramatic (i.e. loud) pieces? Thanks!

Lisa said: Jan 21, 2013
Lisa HollisViolin, Suzuki Early Childhood Education, Viola
Dorchester, MA
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I have an Intelli 301. It is very loud, with volume control, and not too expensive. It also plays a range of pitches and has a tuner, which is especially good for violinists.

Rachel said: Jan 22, 2013
Rachel Huch
Suzuki Association Member
Orange Village, OH
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The best metronome I’ve found for volume is the Korg here: http://www.sharmusic.com/Shop-Shar/Accessories/Electric/Metronomes-Tuners/Korg-Digital-Metronome-MKD2.axd

I also sometimes use smartmusic on my computer and plug it into speakers if it needs to really blast. :)

André said: Jan 25, 2013
André AugensteinViolin, Piano
55 posts

There is only several search

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