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William said: Jan 2, 2013
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For those who’s been down this road before… What should be the right expectation toward songs from previous Suzuki books that we’ve learned but since moved on to later books?

Since we moved onto piano book two my daughter _knows_ she was able to play all book one songs just 3 months back but are now a little dissadpointed when she tried to play some of the book 1 songs but are now bit rusty.

Comparing to an adult I’d imagine with sight reading it’s relatively easy to revisit the song and be back to speed fairly quickly. With the Suzuki method where sight reading comes later, should I keep my child practising any of those songs or is this a case of “what’s behind you doesn’t matter” and focus the precious attention span / practice time for a 4 year old on the current book?


Michelle McManus Welch said: Jan 3, 2013
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Lindenhurst, IL
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Hm … I’m a violinist. Often, I use book 1 pieces to teach new techniques for the new book. In group classes, we often review book 1 pieces-with a new technical twist to keep them fresh (in a different key, etc). Even just going thru one or two pieces a day ‘as a warm up’ would keep those book 1 pieces “under the fingers” and not so rusty! Maybe you could have her do them starting on another note (in a key she knows well)?

Michelle Mc Manus Welch

Lori Bolt said: Jan 3, 2013
Lori BoltPiano
San Clemente, CA
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A practice game may help w/ Review….such as pulling a few songs from a cup to play that day. There are also piano duets for Suzuki piano. Some are for two pianos, but I think there may be a book for Bk 1, one piano/ 4 hands. You could also each play one hand to have her review the other hand. Down play what is rusty and just make a note to self to revisit that piece often.

What are her teacher’s expectations for maintaining previous pieces? I agree that it is a challenge….one that I still feel I don’t have a handle on for my students. But making them practice lists of which pieces on what days has helped some, as well as giving a focus to work on.

Lori Bolt

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