Which Pitch Is Which?

Elizabeth Wolf said: Nov 6, 2012
Elizabeth WolfViolin
Grand Anse 0000, Grenada
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Would love to get a review of this program from anyone who has tried it. Also the Math Fun for Suzuki Families. Thanks.

Mary Kay Waddington said: Dec 6, 2012
Mary Kay WaddingtonTeacher Trainer
Suzuki Association Member
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Do you mean “Which Pitch is Which?”, the new product offered through SAA?

Elizabeth Wolf said: Dec 6, 2012
Elizabeth WolfViolin
Grand Anse 0000, Grenada
2 posts

Yes, Mary Kay, thanks for clarifying. I wanted to hear from anyone who has worked with it. I teach on a third world island so it's a big investment for us.
Thank you, Beth Wolf

Mary Kay Waddington said: Dec 6, 2012
Mary Kay WaddingtonTeacher Trainer
Suzuki Association Member
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First of all, I have to state that my viewpoint is not unbiased because I
wrote it. But I can give you feedback I’ve gotten from others. One
woman said she pulled out the flashcards for her 15 year old son who had
been taking cello lessons for many years, and her 4 year old daughter who
had been using “Which Pitch is Which” for a month—the 4 year old knew
her notes way better than the 15 year old!

Another family said their kids were mesmerized by it and watched it the
entire time on a plane trip to Colombia and back.

Many other families have told me how excited their children are to watch

The kids really love it and seem to learn easily from it.

The point is to present the notes in different ways so that children with
all different learning styles will find something to relate to.
Visually, there is animation for every note, and each note has a color.
(Later, it progresses to black notes.) For the auditory learners,
there’s a song for each note. And for the tactile learners, there are
practices using the computer to click on the correct notes or lines and
spaces. There’s lots of humor involved as well, to keep people alert and
enjoying it. (I still laugh sometimes when I watch it, and I’ve been
working with it for 7 years!)

Unlike some other programs I’ve seen, there is nothing negative about it.
Some programs make loud noises or exploding sounds when you make a
mistake, or say something negative like “Oops that’s not it!” And each
time you get something right they speed up until you ultimately fail.
Built in failure? That can’t be right! In “Which Pitch is Which?” if
you click on the wrong thing, nothing at all happens. The only result is
a positive one when you get the right answer. And if you don’t get it in
a certain time, hints are given. For instance, in one of the “Practices”
if you don’t get the name of the note in 4 seconds, the note turns it’s
given color as a hint. If you don’t get it in 4 more seconds, a snippet
of the song sings as a hint. If you don’t get it in another 4 seconds it
gives you the answer.

There are 3 groups of flash cards for each clef, giving a progression for
learning. The first group has the picture of the animated note on it,
and the words to its song printed on the back. The second group has each
of the notes without the picture, but still with its color. The third
group is standard black notes.

If your students play piano or harp, there are also segments where each
animated note moves from its line or space to the corresponding key or
string and back again as the pitch sounds (staying in character of
course!) And interactive practices on these instruments as well.

You say you live on a third world island, so I’ll give you a few things
to think about. First of all, it needs a computer to run— the CD ROM is the main component.

Second, it uses A,B,C,D,E,F,G for all the notes, so if the country you’re
talking about uses only solfege, then probably this is not the product
for you.

Other than those 2 things, I think it’s the best way I’ve seen to teach
notes. But again, that’s a very biased opinion! Please let me know if
you have any other questions about it.

Mary Kay

Irene Mitchell said: Dec 7, 2012
Irene Mitchell
Suzuki Association Member
Violin, Viola
Dallas, TX
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“Which Pitch is Which?” is terrific! I just bought it after watching the video online. I have been wishing and waiting for something like this… thank you, Mary Kay!

Irene Mitchell

Paula Bird said: Dec 7, 2012
Suzuki Association Member
Violin, Piano, Viola
Wimberley, TX
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I bought it too. Loved the video!

Paula E. Bird
TX State University
Wildflower Suzuki Studio
http://teachsuzuki.blogspot.com (blog)
http://teachsuzuki.com (podcast)

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