Amy said: Oct 16, 2012
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I recently received an email that feels like fraud, but it’s a bit different from the typical fraud email I’ve received. What thoughts does anyone have on it?

How are you doing today?I want private lessons for my daughter,Mary.
Mary is a 13 year old girl, home schooled and she is ready to learn. I
would like the lessons to be at your school if possible or in your home.
Please I want to know your policy with regard to the
fees,cancellations, and make-up lessons. Also,get back to me with the
total fees for three months worth of lessons(one-hour lesson in a
week)starting Thursday October 25th . Looking forward to hearing from you.

My best regards,


Paula Bird said: Oct 16, 2012
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Violin, Piano, Viola
Wimberley, TX
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It’s a scam. The typos and punctuation problems are also an indication that it’s a fraud scam. This is just another variation of the usual.

Paula E. Bird
TX State University
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Paul Manulik said: Oct 16, 2012
Paul Manulik
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Princeton Junction, NJ
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Of course it is a fraud. I get the exact same email in Princeton, NJ

Joshua Bowe said: Oct 16, 2012
Joshua BoweCello
Draper, UT
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I got the exact same email the other day. Totally fraud.

Mary Anne Polk O'Meara said: Oct 16, 2012
Mary Anne Polk O’Meara
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New Comment on Fraud? from AmyThis is a scam that has been going on for years. Don’t answer it. Also, the MTNA just sent a warning out about it.

Christine said: Oct 16, 2012
Christine GoodnerInstitute Director
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Hillsboro, OR
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I got the same email (word for word) in Oregon just last week. Amazing how many of these I end up getting . . .

Christine Goodner

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“When Love is Deep, Much can be Accomplished” ~ Suzuki

Barb said: Oct 16, 2012
Barb Ennis
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No mention of what instrument is a clue, too.

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Lori Bolt said: Oct 17, 2012
Lori BoltPiano
San Clemente, CA
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I got the same one too a few days ago. One way to fish out the scams is to suggest a meeting w/ parent and child, offering to answer all questions at that meeting…..never give any info as a response to the email. When I replied in this way, I got a 2nd email from a different email address, different last name (still “John”), even more poorly worded and pressing again for info via email. I did not reply.

Watch out for any inquiries with a request for long lessons, multiple weekly lessons, or an up front price for several weeks’ worth.

Lori Bolt

Mary Anne Polk O'Meara said: Oct 17, 2012
Mary Anne Polk O’Meara
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New Comment on Fraud? from Lori BoltIf you reply, you have confirmed that your email address is a working address, and may have opened up yourself to viruses. At a recent internet security workshop, we were told not to reply to phishing.

Lori Bolt said: Oct 18, 2012
Lori BoltPiano
San Clemente, CA
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Thanks Mary Anne….we can’t be too careful! Best to ignore….

Lori Bolt

Laura said: Oct 18, 2012
Laura Mozena
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Mancos, CO
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I get these emails quit a lot actually. I used to ask for a phone call knowing that if it was a true request with real interest that I would get a call, but lately I have just started ignoring them. Thank you Mary cause now I will continue the ignore tactic.

Specializing in Suzuki

Mary Anne Polk O'Meara said: Oct 18, 2012
Mary Anne Polk O’Meara
Suzuki Association Member
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New Comment on Fraud? from Laura MozenaHEre are some tips from the IT consultant that gave the workshop:
To avoid getting hooked by such bogus e-mails, here are some tips to help safeguard your personal information:

a.. Do not open suspicious e-mails. Be wary of misspellings, awkward requests or inconsistent grammar.
b.. A web site link included in an e-mail can make getting to a site easy, but it can also be used to send you to a malicious site. These sites may contain malware (viruses and spyware) that may infect your PC.
c.. If you have doubts about the authenticity of an e-mail, do not click on any links in the message – instead, type the site or web page address into the address bar of your browser.
d.. Never type sensitive personal information, such as social security and/or driver license numbers or account numbers and/or passwords, in a reply e-mail.
e.. Use spam filters to block suspicious e-mails.
f.. Use industry-endorsed anti-virus and anti-malware programs to automatically detect and eliminate malicious software.
While there are a number of measures your IT provider takes to limit the amount of phishing attacks that occur, it is always wise to be cautious about any unusual messages you receive or sites you are directed to. So think before you click. The best practice for you as the user is to either immediately delete it or report it to your IT manager or consultant.

For more information about phishing, contact your VCIO or call 215.886.7166.

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