written theory work for beginning cellists

Karen Deaner said: Oct 4, 2012
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I need suggestions for theory workbooks for my beginner cellists. They read notes but I want to reinforce note reading and any other related things we do.
Thanks, Karen

Robin Lohse said: Oct 5, 2012
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I too have a number of beginning cellists in need of a good foundation for
theory and noting reading. I have recently been in contact with a Suzuki
teacher who is developing some amazing theory books related to
Suzuki students. I will be receiving some of her materials and I have
used some of her fingerboard charts as well. Her name is Carol Anderson and
if you like I can give you her website.
she has theory games and much more to offer as well. Kids lover her stuff.

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Robin Lohse

Barb said: Oct 5, 2012
Barb Ennis
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Hi Karen,

I’d be interested to hear about what others use, but I have just started one 9 yo in All for Strings Theory Workbook 1. It does not teach as it is supposed to be used with their method book, so I still do the teaching before he is able to complete the work. So far most of it is reinforcing what we have learned over the last few years, with a few new to him things. 31 pages $4.50

A more comprehensive book which one of my parents ordered for her 10 yo beginner is Key Papers by Charlene Wilson. This is designed to line up with Suzuki books 1-3 and really covers everything well. A heftier and meatier book for $20. I did not push the book as the student was brand new and wanted to play the cello more than do theory work, and they left my studio before she really got started, so unfortunately I can’t comment on how it went with the student.

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