Can I play the CDs repertoire to my daugther before formal training?

Erika Yb said: Sep 10, 2012
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Dear all,

My daughter will be starting Suzuki piano lessons in 4 months once she turns three years old.
In the meantime I would like to start playing her piano music appropriate for her age in a more regular basis.

I was browsing for the Suzuki piano school CDs and found that there are a numerous editions, performers, revisions, etc. My questions are:

-What Suzuki piano CD do you recommend and why? or does it depends on the teacher’s preference?
-Is it OK to start playing this CDs (just for listening) while we wait for her formal instruction to start?
I am concerned that by using the CD without the teacher guidance I could affect her training later on.

I appreciate your advise.


Paula Bird said: Sep 10, 2012
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Do all of it! Play anything you can find, and include other classical music as well. The more you can add to your daughter’s listening routine, the better. How wonderful that you can start her listening to the Suzuki repertoire well before formal training! I wish more parents would do that.

Paula E. Bird
TX State University
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Mary Anne Polk O'Meara said: Sep 11, 2012
Mary Anne Polk O’Meara
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New Comment on Can I play the CDs repertoire to my daugther before formal training? from Erika YedidI’d make sure you get the CD your teacher recommends, although I think most teachers are now recommending the New International editions.
Mary Anne O’Meara

Lori Bolt said: Sep 11, 2012
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Erika ~
Absolutely begin to play the Suzuki recording and other classical music! You will not negatively affect her piano training. I would think the teacher will be thrilled w/ her listening in advance and you will have already established a listening routine at home.

As for recordings, many teachers are using the CD w/ the International Ed. book since this recording matches the revisions. However, I also recommend the Kataoka CD because each piano piece is recorded several times….it’s great advantage for a young listener to hear multiple repetitions of the pieces as the CD plays. The pieces are in the order of the older edition, but they are the same pieces as the Int’l Ed. & performed very similarly… so no real problem in my opinion.

Best wishes as you and your daughter begin Suzuki :)

Lori Bolt

Jennifer Visick said: Sep 13, 2012
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This is exactly what Shinichi Suzuki encouraged parents to do before beginning formal lessons. Regarding which edition to get: unless it is prohibitively expensive, why not get all the versions? There is nothing wrong with letting your children hear multiple different interpretations of the same music; in fact this is probably a good thing to do.

If you can find other professionals (not on the ‘official’ Suzuki albums) playing the same music, whether on piano or not, it is also probably a good idea to let your children become acquainted with these versions as well.

And there’s no reason to stop there… why not find a professional pianist that you both love and invest in some recordings of repertoire outside of Suzuki literature?

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