Email Scam!

Barbara Shipley said: Jun 15, 2012
Barbara Shipley
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Three times I have gotten emails from someone supposedly from another country who wants lessons for their son or daughter during the time the student will be in the United States. I replied to the first one because I thought it was a bona fide request for lessons. After several emails went back and forth, it turned out that the person wanted to send the money for the lessons ahead of time, but they wanted my bank account number. I explained that I did not do business this way. While these emails were going on, I received another email, this time from someone who was supposedly British. The wording was exactly the same, including the many errors in English grammar and syntax. I emailed both saying I would report them. Almost a year later, I have received the same email supposedly from a different person living on the Dublin Isles, wherever that is, wording identical down to the same errors! All of the emails said they got my name and email address from the Internet. Look out for these, and do not fall victim!

Lori Bolt said: Jun 16, 2012
Lori BoltPiano
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Yes, I have too….beware, watch for the misspelled words and bad grammar. I received mine after posting as a piano teacher on Craig’s List.

Lori Bolt

Jennifer Visick said: Jun 16, 2012
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Please post warnings of this type, and any responses or discussion about email scams, in the following thread:

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