recruting parents/students for a pre-twinkle class

Karen Deaner said: Apr 27, 2012
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I am interested in starting up a pre-twinkle/twinkle cello class. In the past I have taken some of my younger students to local pre schools to play and I did get 2 students this way. I would like to have a class of 4-6. Any ideas as to how to rrecrut the young set? I appriciate your advice!

Ruth Brons said: Apr 27, 2012
Ruth Brons
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Hi Karen,
Something I learned from a very savvy Pre-K teacher:
Allow time at the end of your demo for each interested child to sit at the cello and do something.
[I usually play or sing “Pop Goes the Weasel” and have the student pizz on the “Pop!”]
Be sure an assistant snaps a picture of the child engaged with you or the with the instrument.
Attach that picture to the flyer about your class offering, and you are half way to “Sold!”

Barb said: Apr 27, 2012
Barb Ennis
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Hi Karen,

See my post Here about doing the same, on a short term basis.

I have no idea how well it will go over in our small town. I decided that having it offered through/at our community center gets the ad (in their booklet) in every home (delivered with a free newspaper), and parents looking for quality activities/swimming lessons for their kids will be looking at the booklet (they also post it online). I am not requiring any commitment or instrument renting/purchasing for my class—just an opportunity to try it for a week. Hopefully some will then enroll in my studio in the fall, or I might get an idea about whether or not the family or child is ready.

If I had decided to do it on my own I would probably have made posters/flyers for all the preschools and tried to arrange visits there as you have done. I am also still a member on a local homeschool email group and will let those folks know about the class. We have a children’s festival here, and if I were going to be in town that day I might have set up a booth there. I will be setting up a table in our mall which has “sign-up days” for kids’ activities twice a year.

Ruth’s advice is very good—to let kids sit down with and try the cello, and have a great photo on your flyer! I take a little cello with me to the mall sign up days and let the kids try it.

Do you have a website you can use for marketing/ recruiting? You can put a lot more info there than on a poster or flyer or business card (make sure to put the web address on all of those, of course). Is there a music store where you could put a poster up and/or leave flyers? I think a lot of people here go to the music store when looking for a teacher—I’ve had several referrals from them. They do have a studio there, but no cello teacher. How about doctor’s offices? Aren’t we regularly taking young children in to see the doctor? (It seemed like it to me when my kids were young!) Brainstorm where else parents of young children go in your town. Make sure you tell everyone you know about the class, too. You never know who has a grandchild, nephew, neighbor, etc.

Best wishes!

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