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Alissa said: Apr 19, 2012
Alissa Rieb
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I am about to start leasing a more centrally located studio space in my town. I am 99% sure that I will be going with a space that doesn’t have natural light :-( It is large though (166 sq-ft) My question is for those of you who teach in an office complex or in an artificially lighted space: any tips or tricks for brightening it up? Is that important? The other possible space is 20 sq-ft smaller but has a big window. It also doesn’t have room for groups which space one does so I definitely think space one has more options even though it’s slightly more industrial. I can really make it my own, but would love some ideas! Thanks in advance.

Barb said: Apr 19, 2012
Barb Ennis
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Even right by a window, my living room studio is not very bright on dark winter afternoons. A stand light is needed, especially for my older adult students.

If I were in an industrial type room… I am imagining fluorescent lighting… I would bring in some floor lamps with “warm” lighting. Mirrors, too. Maybe some twinkle lights on the walls or mirrors—not sure if they would really add much lighting, but I like the atmosphere they give. :-)

The benefit of no natural lighting? You can turn out the lights and play in the dark with a flashlight like suggested in one of James Hutchin’s Parents as Partners videos. Playing in the dark we listen more, and the flashlight can focus on just one aspect of technique at a time.

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Glenda Walsh Crouse said: Apr 19, 2012
Glenda Walsh Crouse
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I would keep the wall color very light. White may be boring but perhaps a light off white? This will help keep things brigther. If you are afraid of that being boring use bright colored things to decorate.

I agree with a stand light, if needed.

Susan said: Apr 19, 2012
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When I had outside space with no windows, the first thing I did was paint it yellow. Now I can hear people saying…nooooo! But I love color and yellow brightens things up. Then with the added floor lamps (those that have the light facing the ceiling, which was white), it gave the yellow a nice glow. Now that was for the group class space, for my office I went bold and painted one wall a cobalt blue and the rest of the room a hunter green. It was great and shocked some parents, but I also had two windows and cabinets on the wall and the blue wall was my art wall. So really there wasn’t that much showing. Since I was the one spending the most time in the space, I did it for me and I loved it! Everyday when I came in, the colors made me feel happy! So design your space the way it will made you happy!

Emily said: Nov 29, 2013
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Definitely extra lighting would help, also there is recessed lighting that goes from dull to a very bright light that may help if placed strategically.It’s hard when there is no natural light, but bright colors on the wall do help as well.

Emily Christensen
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