Suzuki Song Focus Points

Deena said: Apr 9, 2012
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Hello Teachers,

I was wondering if anyone had a list of the focus points parents should take away from each song? My son is currently working on the third Seitz concerto in Book 4. I am trying to really ramp up my son’s review song practice to further prepare him for the summer institute and I’d like for him to start identifying songs more consistently by “skills” as opposed to names. For example, he and I refer to the Two Grenadiers as the first song where we really had to focus on dotted rhythms. Witches Dance, for us, is the song with the fun triplets. I have tried coming up with one by myself, but I don’t think this is best. I would love some guidance with this.

This help us tremendously. :-)


Daina Volodka Staggs said: Apr 10, 2012
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Check out The Suzuki Violinist by William Starr, the Step by Step series by Kerstin Wartberg, and Jim Maurer’s practice book, which I believe you can only get directly from him. Your teacher should be happy to discuss teaching points with you and may have some lists of practice activities for review.

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