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Kathleen Kono said: Mar 30, 2012
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Shelburne, VT
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I am eager to share with my students and parents the wealth of information that I have found here, in books and in great blogs by some of the Suzuki teachers such as practice tips, words to the Suzuki pieces, bow games, etc. What is the proper and accepted method of crediting a source? Is it simply acknowledging where I got the information and from whom the correct way or should I be ask permission from the sources to share before I post their link (via my web-site or emails to my parents).

Thank you, Kathleen

Paula Bird said: Mar 30, 2012
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If it’s online information, give name, title of article, and the Internet address. If it’s a book, I usually list title, author, ISBN number (if I know it), and possibly a link to either the author’s website or some other way to purchase the item, such as an link. As long as the author is credited and enough information supplied, you should be ok. Take care not to plagiarize.

If you want to be formal, there are several Internet style guides you can follow, such as APA or MLA. Just google style guides.

It’s nice to ask permission, and I enjoy hearing from people who find my blog and info useful, but I take the position that if it’s publically on the Internet or published, then no permission is needed to cite it create a link. If you plan to copy something and distribute, then ask permission. You cannot sell the information.

Hope this helps.

Paula E. Bird
TX State University
Wildflower Suzuki Studio (blog) (podcast)

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