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Jeremy said: Jan 12, 2012
Jeremy WatermanViola, Violin
Portland, OR
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I’m looking to find good duet or trio books to use with students as supplemental material. Generally, students would read the music so CDs are not necessary. Anyone have particularly good experience with a set of duet books? I like the Sassmanshaus books that have duets in the later parts. Thanks for your input!

Julia said: Jan 12, 2012
Julia Proleiko
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What combination of instruments?

Rigo Murillo said: Jan 17, 2012
Rigo Murillo
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Here’s an option in the beginner/intermediate level:

Twenty Triolets for Piano, Violin and Cello

Rigo Murillo, President
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Ruth Brons said: Jan 23, 2012
Ruth Brons
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West Orange, NJ
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I am finding very handy the duet books arranged by Martha Yasuda,

The following books with “Duets [to the Third Power]” in the title are especially suited for a successful sight-reading session with practically any level student:

Christmas Melodies For Violin: Duets[to the 3rd power]…3 Verses of FUN!
Christmas Melodies For Violin: Duets[to the 3rd power]…3 Verses of FUN!
Folk Song Melodies For Violin: Duets[to the 3rd power]…3 Verses of FUN!

There are three verses of a simple melody, with generally a quarter note accompaniment on the first verse, an eighth note accompaniment on the second verse, and a sixteenth-note accompaniment on the third verse. Often the melody on the third verse is up an octave. This format makes it the ideal go to book for introducing sight-reading duets because each page has a range of easy to hard options.

Of interest to advanced students, and teachers not able to provide piano accompaniment, are the books from her Duet Melodies series. Included in the books, along with other pieces, are very nice duets for practically the COMPLETE Suzuki Violin core repertoire!

Best Wishes,

Ruth Brons
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Robin Lohse said: Jan 24, 2012
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For years I have been researching Christmas music and came up with these two collections. In past years I used Festive Strings from Alfreds. Festive strings include arrangements for String quartet as well as ensembles for violin viola and cello even bass. Also More Festive Strings has additional Christmas and Chanukah tunes. Technical points are mentioned for teachers at the beginning of the books.Its great because each instrument gets a chance to play the melody.
Then I located My Very Best Christmas series by Mel Bay with piano accompaniment and a CD for kids to play along with. Each edition include two parts so as the student advances they switch to violin two. It come in viola and cello as well. Its been so very handy for me to play at events at Christmas and kids loves these arrangements in user friendly keys. Having the piano arrangement has helped us stay together for performances. Eventually all my students purchase My Very Best Christmas.
Hope this helps
Robin Lohse

Robin Lohse

Leslie said: Feb 9, 2012
Leslie ThackerayInstitute Director
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World Celebration by Bonnie Greene is an excellent book of fun duets for violin book 3-4 level. They are really fun to perform.

Leslie Thackeray
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