How much space to allot for concerts


Cherie said: Jan 3, 2012
Cherie Larson
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When I was taking teacher-training in Stephen’s Point one summer, it fell to our teacher training class to “tape the gym floor” for the Friday concert… Margery Aber, Pat D’Ercole and our group met in the gym at 6:30 a.m. armed with tape/a canoe paddle and set to work. I don’t remember the exact measurements—but it was something like a canoe paddle and so many floorboards or feet per child…..when our programme was smaller (150) I paid very close attention to exactly how much room an average child took (violinists or cellists only using the “taka-tapes” took less space in performance than the cellists/violinists using full bows. I’ve since lost the information I had and I was wondering if there was some one “else” out there who’s already done the math/homework on this. In our programme, the concert is not entirely/exclusively for the parents (a smoothly-oiled slick performance where children are watched backstage until it is their turn to perform and then are ushered on and off from the backstage….but rather we want the concert experience to be (mostly) for all of our community. We think it is important for the little violinists to hear the double basses perform and all levels of violas should be hearing the cellos or the orchestra play—so we pick a venue(s) that will accommodate this…..often the performing floor space is bigger than the parents’ seating area!
So does someone “already” know, for instance, that this size-cello/cellist takes this many square feet with his/her chair……thanks for any thoughts/ideas.

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