Suzuki Violin and Guitar Event Ideas

Emily Hale said: Dec 6, 2011
Emily Hale
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I’m organizing some events for my local chapter of the Suzuki Association. We currently have about half guitar and half violin students, and I’m looking for ways to engage both groups together. I think events that focus on general musicianship (theory games, etc) and play-ins split between violin and guitar rep would be helpful. Any other suggestions or brilliant ideas? Thanks for your help!

Lori Bolt said: Dec 7, 2011
Lori Bolt
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San Clemente, CA
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Years ago our local chapter had a Play-in at a mall. I don’t remember exactly how we organized the time we were given, but teachers could sign up for a time slot to fill with their students performing the rep….maybe one vioilin teacher & one guitar sharing a slot so their students are hearing each others’ instruments? It was a great experience for the students, teachers, and passers-by.

Do you have annual graduation recitals for your chapter?

Lori Bolt

Jennifer Visick said: Aug 24, 2013
Jennifer VisickForum Moderator
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Wondering how your play-in went. Does anyone know of a list, (before I go to the trouble of making one myself) of all Suzuki instrument’s rep and the keys each piece is played in, to be used for reference at multi-instrument play-ins—especially for teachers who don’t know the other instrument’s rep, or don’t know where the rep overlaps, and which pieces might be transposable/playable together?

MaryLou Roberts said: Aug 28, 2013
MaryLou RobertsTeacher Trainer
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Violin and Guitar pieces is common that I have used are:
Using a Capo on 2nd fret puts our beginning pieces in the same key:
Twinkles, Lightly Row, Aunt Rhody, Song/Wind, May Song and Perpetual. The main difference with these pieces is that guitar takes a little longer to sound, so speeds are a little slower than typical violin speeds.

Guitars play French Folksong in D, which can be played 3 times: G-V-GV
Guitars play in A: Long long ago, with thumb accompaniment, Suzuki Allegro.
Book 3 Guitarists could read Brahms Waltz, and sounds great with guitar chords…also Happy Farmer only uses a few chords. Also in Book 3 is Greensleeves in A minor, which would sound great with violins on the repetitions.
Book 5 Bach D major Gavottes are in common, guitars play almost all the original 5 string cello notes.


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