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Carin said: Sep 17, 2011
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Hello Group,

My 38 month old is about to graduate from the box to a violin. His teacher told me this would be a bit of a regression. I don’t really understand her meaning, although I am in no way questioning his excellent teacher. Can anyone share there experiences transitioning a young one from a box to a violin and if possible any suggestions as to what I can do to make the transition go more smoothly.

Thank you in advance.

Ruth Brons said: Sep 18, 2011
Ruth Brons
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Your question shows you are working with a teacher with experience and wisdom—great!
Now that there will be more skills introduced [I once saw a list of 100 skills needed to play the Twinkles well!], it is not uncommon for a student [of any age!] to see one or more previously learned skills seemingly go by the wayside when concentration is focused on a new skill. The best tip is to step up the listening, take notes at lessons, and keep practicing every day as your teacher directs.

Irene said: Sep 18, 2011
Irene Yeong160 posts

I don’t have experience transitioning from box to violin, but when I upgrade the size of my daughter’s violin, I go ” wow, look new violin”. Gave her the impression that new violin is better, and she will like to play on the new violin. ” A beautiful violin!”. How about “We allow you to play on a violin now, because you have been so good with the box violin, ” like a reward?

Carin said: Sep 18, 2011
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Thank you Ruth. I never thought of it that way before. & yes I feel very lucky to have found such a thoughtful and experienced teacher for my little one.

Irene, excellent idea. His teacher has been working up to the “new violin” for some weeks now, I will have to keep the momentum going at home as well.

said: Nov 3, 2011
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This doesn’t address your question, but one idea I haven’t seen mentioned here: my violin teacher put a rattly surprise in the box violin and wrapped it, and when we were ready to move on from the box violin, we were allowed to open it and see (and keep) what was inside.
On the other hand, getting to use a real violin is probably enough of a reward.

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