Devastating flood affecting Suzuki families in Minot, ND

Trish Hinkel said: Jul 14, 2011
 Violin, Viola
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Wanting to let the Suzuki community know about the devastation in my community of Minot, ND. We are a community of around 35-40,0000 people with the AirForce base located north of our city. In the last 2 weeks we had a major flood devastate thousands of homes. I am a Suzuki violin teacher in this city and have around 20 violin students in a private studio. Two of my committed Suzuki families whose children I have had for over 10 years will probably lose their homes. Don’t know if studios would be willing to fundraise or donate funds to help these families. Another Suzuki teacher here also has a family that had to evacuate and this family will likely also lose their home. We do not have a local Suzuki association here in North Dakota, otherwise I would see what help we could get for these families. Any ideas or thoughts, please let me know,

Trish HInkel

Sara said: Jul 21, 2011
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What a horrible loss! Wouldn’t it be great if we could come together and perhaps set up some benefit concerts, each in our own area. I’m not sure how the logistics would work on that.
I would be willing to do something from my area.

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Trish Hinkel said: Jul 21, 2011
 Violin, Viola
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Thanks tigerstar! Yeah, not sure either.

Trish HInkel

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