19th Biennial SAA Conference

“Learning Suzuki-Style”

Hilton Minneapolis and Minneapolis Convention Center
Minneapolis, MNMay 21-25, 2020

As a Suzuki Community, we embrace Dr. Suzuki’s philosophy and method – using music and the discipline of learning an instrument to develop and nurture the character of a child.  Our SAA Conference Theme “Learning Suzuki-Style,” will provide an opportunity to remind us of our strong foundation, while exploring ways to bring this philosophy into an ever-changing 21st Century.

We know and understand that beginning lessons at a young age, parent involvement, group classes, and listening all contribute to the success of a Suzuki student – but how does that look in 2020 with two-working parent households, music on personal devices, and over-scheduled children?  How can we reach children that may not have easy access to Suzuki lessons?  How can we include students with special needs into our studios and programs? In May, we will gather to share ideas to embrace these challenges, while maintaining our standard of excellence in nurturing children with noble hearts through music.