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Yuko Honda Treasured Voice for Dr Suzuki in the Americas

November 1, 2006 by Barbara Balatero, Sandra Payton

Undoubtedly most of us have read about Yuko’s childhood in her father’s memoir Suzuki Changed My Life. She began her violin studies at age four with Yamamura sensei. During her early childhood, her parents took her to Matsumoto to study… Read more ▶

Suzuki Voice Teacher Training

June 24, 2005

Interested in Suzuki Voice teaching? The first officially sanctioned SAA Teacher Training in Voice is taking place at the American Suzuki Institute in Stevens Point, WI, July 31-August 12, 2005. The instructor is ESA-approved Suzuki Voice Trainer, Paiivi Kukkamaki from… Read more ▶

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What is Suzuki Voice?

Suzuki Voice has been specially designed to teach vocal technique in a progressive manner for all ages: prenatal, pre-school, elementary, teenage, and adult. It begins with the understanding that the voice is an instrument and is committed to addressing each student’s unique and individual needs. Founder, Dr. Päivi Kukkämaki, began developing the program in Finland in 1986. Trained teachers now exist in ESA, PPSA, SAA, and TERI.

Suzuki Voice focuses on learning voice as an instrument. The Suzuki Voice Program recognizes that voice is the primary human instrument for music making and is accessible regardless of age. Because of this, technical training can occur earlier than for any other instrument. Read More…

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