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First Class Tips for Suzuki Parents

First Class Tips for Suzuki Parents

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A collection of the best American Suzuki Journal articles for parents from the past 20+ years.

An invaluable resource for new and experienced Suzuki parents and teachers.

Book, 42 pages.

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Introduction to Suzuki Philosophy

  • Suzuki and the Talent Education Method
  • Remarkable Life Force
  • The Parents’ Role in Suzuki Education
  • Suzuki and the Childhood pf Culture
  • Grow a Fine Seedling
  • The Role of Work and Discipline in the Suzuki Concept

Parent Roles and Responsibilities

  • A Sound Investment: Getting the Most for Your Time and Money
  • Building Blocks to a Great Relationship
  • This Year’s Project: To Nurture Every Child
  • Parent-Teacher Discovery Zone
  • Measuring Your Child’s Success
  • Dear Beginning Parent


  • Inspiring Children
  • Musical Expression (excerpt)
  • You, Your Child, and Music (excerpt)
  • Active Brain, Active Heart
  • Motivation
  • Institutes: Great Reasons to Attend
  • A Suggestion to Parents

Practical Tips

  • Listening
  • What Are We Teaching Our Children?
  • Dads Make a Difference
  • Excellence…from the Beginning (excerpt)
  • Help for Parents
  • Independence
  • Making Sure Johnny Can Read
  • Raise Your Ability with a Piece You Can Play
  • Group Class Notes
  • How Does Practicing Help?
  • Selection and Care of Instruments
  • The Home Practice Environment Scale
  • A Parent’s Prayer

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