Video Controls

video controls
  1. Play/Pause: You can also click anywhere on the video to play or pause.

  2. Time: The duration of the video in minutes and seconds.

  3. Volume: Click the bars to set volume; click the speaker icon to mute/un-mute.

  4. Close Caption Button: The setting toggles the close captioning on and off.

  5. Settings: The setting button lets you adjust the video quality, adjust video speed, and has the options for captions in multiple languages.

  6. Full Screen: Go into full screen mode before playing the video to get the highest video quality available for your connection speed. Press the Esc key to exit full screen mode.

Video Slow or Keeps Stopping

Your internet connection may be too slow to watch the video. You can try the following:

  1. Try starting the video, then immediately pausing. This will preload the video: the video will continue to download while paused—you’ll see a light gray line growing very slowly at the bottom. Once the gray part has grown a bit you can play the video without interruption until the white play position marker catches up.

  2. Try at a different time of day, in case usage is lower at that time.

  3. Test your internet speed at—3 Mbps or more are needed for the best viewing experience.

Can’t Even See Video

Try upgrading your Flash plugin:

Star Ratings

Star Rating ExampleYour star ratings for videos are private (only you can see your rating on the website), so feel free to rate videos honestly.

SAA will look at video ratings in aggregate to help us learn which topics and types of videos you find most valuable.


Once your registered for Parents as Partners, below will appear an RSS link that you can put into most podcast apps or players:

Generally if you enter the URL into the search field of your podcast app, your app will find the podcast and allow you to subscribe. If you need further help adding a podcast URL click here for more directions for individual apps.

Other Problems

Help from the SAA Office is available Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4 pm Mountain Time.

Phone: 1-888-378-9854
Email: [javascript protected email address]