Website Upgrade

July 11, 2024

Members of the SAA:  We are SO thrilled to share with you our new website, which has been in development for over a year. The new website will go live in the next couple of weeks, and we want to help… Read more ▶

New Book 101 Japanese Childrens Songs For Developing Note Reading Skills

March 26, 2013

Now available from the SAA store: 101 Japanese Children’s Songs For Developing Note Reading Skills by Yoko Abe. Read more ▶

Do Even More with the SAA Website

December 14, 2012

We’ve recently added more services to the SAA website: online audition and scholarship applications, member directory improvements, and more. Read more ▶

New Canadian Suzuki Website  Discussion Forum

June 14, 2012 by Kathleen Schoen

Hello, all Canadian SAA members! At the recent SAA conference, there was an informal session where Canadian members discussed issues of mutual concern. This message is one result of our discussions. There is now a Canada page on the SAA website. (There’s… Read more ▶

Math Fun for Suzuki Families

October 7, 2011

The newly re-released book Math Fun for Suzuki Families by Andy J. Felt and George Kung is now available in the SAA Online Store. Using principles of Dr. Suzuki’s approach to education applied to mathematics, Math Fun features more than… Read more ▶

Two Books Added to the SAA Store

September 21, 2011

Group Lessons for Suzuki Violin and Viola By Carolyn McCall Book, 84 pages, $12.95 Group lesson ideas for violin and viola, organized by book level and technique/skill. Focus on Suzuki Piano: Creative and Effective Ideas for Teachers and Parents By Mary Craig Powell Book, 76 pages,… Read more ▶

New Bio and Website on Your Teacher Search Profile

June 23, 2011 by Jenny Lindberg

Since you have a profile on the SAA Teacher Search, I thought you’d like to know about some new features we’ve added. Full Profile Page Your full profile page (part of our improved online member directory) can be linked from your short… Read more ▶

New Discussion Forums

June 7, 2011 by Jenny Lindberg

Hello forum users, We have new discussion forums! I’ve rewritten the forum software to make the forums easier to use, better handle the growing spam problem, and allow for adding special features in the future. Here are a few of the new features… Read more ▶

New Book The Life and Letters of Frdric Chopin

June 2, 2011

Four-part series on Chopin by Malgosia Lis, which features original translations of Chopin’s letters by the author and was originally published in the American Suzuki Journal. Now conveniently bound together in a single volume. The 41-page book is spiral bound… Read more ▶

CDs from Conference Guest Artists

June 22, 2010

We have a few CDs from the Claremont Trio and the Bad Boyz of Bass still available: Bad Boyz of Double Bass: Live Claremont Trio: Mendelssohn Trios Op. 49 & 66 Claremont Trio: Shostakovich & Arensky Trios Jonathan Cohler & Claremont Trio: Beethoven, Brahms,… Read more ▶

New Products

June 22, 2010

4 Mini Poster Collection of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki Four 8.5″ x 11″ posters of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki featuring his quotes. Photography by Art Montzka. $14 “If love is deep, much can be accomplished.” “Beautiful tone, beautiful heart.” “Tone has a living soul.” “The words ‘Music… Read more ▶

Follow SAA on Twitter

April 14, 2010

SAA now has a Twitter account! Follow SAA on Twitter for breaking Suzuki news. You can also keep up with Suzuki news on the SAA Facebook page. Read more ▶

Did You Know

March 8, 2010

We frequently hear from members who are looking for addresses, phone numbers and emails of other Suzuki friends and colleagues. The SAA Staff is always happy to hear from you, to help you with questions and receive your suggestions. But, did… Read more ▶

Emails from Institutes  Web Update

January 18, 2010

This year, in addition to sending you brochures by postal mail, Summer Institutes will be sending you information about their programs by email. If you don’t want to receive Institute info via email from the SAA, update your email preferences and… Read more ▶

Become a Member Online

January 15, 2010

You’re already an SAA member, but if your friends want to know: you can now join the SAA online. Don’t forget, you can also renew your membership online at any time. More about SAA Membership Read more ▶

New on the Web

January 1, 2010

If you haven’t been to our website recently, here are a few new things to check out at Member Demographics: How many SAA members are there? What instruments do they play and where do they live? Find out online. Ask the… Read more ▶

Member Demographics

December 8, 2009

How many SAA members are there? What instruments do they play and where do they live? What is their involvement with the Suzuki method: as a teacher, parent, program administrator, or some other role? Find out: SAA Member Demographics We can expand… Read more ▶

New Suzuki Harp Website

December 1, 2009

For lots of great information about Suzuki Harp, see the new Suzuki Harp Info website created by Mary Kay Waddington and the Suzuki Harp Committee. Read more ▶

Find Us on Facebook

November 12, 2009

The SAA is now on Facebook. Become a fan to stay up on the latest SAA news. SAA on Facebook. Read more ▶

Teacher Location Service

August 17, 2009

Looking for more students? Now is the time to sign up for the online teacher location service. Listing in the Find a Teacher search on the SAA website is not automatic. (There are lots of members who don’t want to be… Read more ▶

Online Member Renewals

July 17, 2009

You can now renew your SAA membership online, instantly, at any time it is convenient for you. 6 weeks before your membership expires you will receive an email reminder. Since we launched online membership renewals on June 9th, there have been… Read more ▶

New Online Training Registration System

July 17, 2009

The teacher training course registration process has been moved online for Institutes this summer, and, if all goes well, will be implemented for all teacher training venues: workshops, apprenticeships, etc. What does this mean for teachers? Most of all: less paperwork to… Read more ▶

Newsletter and Membership Updates

June 16, 2009

Are you receiving your monthly email newsletter? If not, please check you membership status and email address online. Set up a login, if you haven’t already done so. Check your records to see that all your membership and registration information… Read more ▶

Annual Meeting

May 10, 2009

The Annual Meeting will be held at the SAA Office, 2465 Central Ave., Boulder, CO, on Saturday, April 4, at 5:30 pm Central. It will be broadcast live on the SAA website with Board member presentations plus opportunities to email… Read more ▶

Board Member Ballot

May 10, 2009

This year’s board ballot for election of new Board members is online and ready for voting by all current Active members whose email we have in our database. You will need to log in to your online account to access… Read more ▶

Online Access

May 10, 2009

Member access to the SAA website opens many new opportunities to SAA members. If you have not set up your account to access the “members-only” section of the website, please do so right away. You will need an account to… Read more ▶

SAA Virtual Leadership Retreat Ideas Wanted

December 12, 2008

An Online, Interactive Potpourri of Ideas and Opportunities The whole month of April, 2009 Conversations, postings, moderated chats, panel discussions, audio and video presentations, live web-based discussion, special challenges, and presentation by the SAA Board—all of these can be ours in April,… Read more ▶

ASJ Index Now Online

November 11, 2008

The complete American Suzuki Journal index, dating back to the first issue in 1973, is now available online. Can’t remember where you saw that great article on group lessons or practicing? You can search the index and find the issue… Read more ▶

Pictures from the 2008 Conference

October 13, 2008

Lots of pictures from the SAA Conference in Minneapolis last May are available online. Look for yourself and your friends! Many thanks to Michiko Yurko, Ellen Berry, and for photographing the conference. While you’re there, don’t forget to explore the… Read more ▶

For Members Only

March 5, 2008

The Suzuki Association website now has a members-only section providing services for current SAA members. You can search the online membership directory, which includes email addresses and pictures, and upload your own picture. The video rental library index can be… Read more ▶

New Flute Website Section

June 22, 2007

The new flute section of the website is now live. Come read the latest flute news and community highlights, with lots of pictures! Current SAA members can register for the members only area, with a discussion group and flute article… Read more ▶

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