Question about the Midi Files/CD with the piano acc. for violin book 2

Christina Brokerhoff said: Jul 4, 2011
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Hello there,

could anybody help me with this question:

I`d like to buy the Suzuki CD with the piano acc. for violin book 2 (and soon 3). It apparently not only gives you the music but also allows you to slow it down which would be really helpful for me.

However, on the cover of the book there`s logos of both a CD and one of those old 3,5 disks. My computer is new so it won`t take these floppy disks any longer while CD is, of course, no problem.

The description, unfortunately, does not make it clear, whether both disk and CD have the same content, or if the piano acc. with the slowing down possibility is only on the disk…

Anybody tried it out yet? This has to travel all the way to Germany—it would be a pity if I couldn`t make it work…

Thanks for helping out!

Jennifer Visick said: Jul 5, 2011
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Hi Christina,

Yes, the CD has the same content as the old floppy discs. It also has the David Nadien recording on it as a “regular” CD audio file, so it can be played in a CD player.

To access the MIDI accompaniment files and the software that slows them down, you need to load the software and the MIDI files onto a computer.

It also works with some electric pianos and with some modern player pianos (i.e. the Yamaha Disklaviers).

I posted a slightly more thorough description in this thread re: slow recordings of Suzuki violin bk 1:

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