Children’s Fiction—String Instruments

said: Apr 6, 2009
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My mother, a children’s librarian, recently compiled this list of children’s fiction in which string instruments are prominent.
Children’s Fiction: Strings**

1. Picturebooks and Easy Readers (You’re never too old for a good picturebook!)

Across the Alley. Richard Michelson

Animal Music. Harriet Ziefert

Bach’s Big Adventure. Sallie Ketcham

Bach’s Goldberg Variations. Anna Harwell Celenza

The Bat Boy and His Violin. Gavin Curtis

Berlioz the Bear. Jan Brett

Bravo, Ernest and Celestine! Gabrielle Vincent

The Bremen Town Musicians. Jack Kent

The Cello of Mr. O. Jane Cutler

The Composer Is Dead. Lemony Snicket; music by Nathaniel Stookey

Cool Daddy Rat. Kristyn Crow

A Fiddle for Angus. Budge Wilson

The Fiddler of High Lonesome. Brinton Turkle

Fiddlin’ Sam. Marianna Dengler

Gus and Grandpa and the Piano Lesson. Claudia Mills

The Heart of the Wood. Marguerite Davol

The House in the Night. Susan Marie Swanson

The King, the Cat, and the Fiddle. Yehudi Menuhin and Chrisopher Hope

Little Bobo. Serena Romanelli

Mole Music. David McPhail

Moses Goes to a Concert. Isaac Millman

Music Class. Harriet Ziefert

My Family Plays Music. Judy Cox

The Philharmonic Gets Dressed. Karla Kuskin

Rosie’s Fiddle. Phyllis Root

Stradivari’s Singing Violin. ?

Tough Boris. Mem Fox

Tuscanini. Jim Propp

When Uncle Took the Fiddle. Libba Moore Gray

Where in the World. Simon French

Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin! Lloyd Moss

2. Chapter Books for Younger Elementary Children**

Children of Bach. Eilis Dillon

The Facts and Fictions of Minna Pratt. Patricia MacLachlan

Fiddlestrings. Marguerite de Angeli
Here’s Hermione.* Sheila Greenwald
Hinny Winny Bunco. *Carol Greene

John and the Fiddler. Patricia Foley

Little Rat Makes Music. Monica Bang-Campbell

The Marvelous Misadventures of Sebastian. Lloyd Alexander

The Mozart Season. Virginia Euwer Wolff

The Mystery of the Stolen Music. Gertrude Chandler Warner

Second Fiddle, or How to Tell a Blackbird from a Sausage. Siobhan Parkinson

The Truthful Harp. Lloyd Alexander

Yang the Youngest and His Terrible Ear. Lensey Namioka

Yang the Eldest and His Odd Jobs. Lensey Namioka

3. Fiction for Teens**
Befiddled. *Pedro de Alcantaro

Broken Song. Kathryn Lasky

Good Enough. Paula Yoo

Hannah’s Garden. Midori Snyder
Marley Z and the Bloodstained Violin.* Jim Fusilli

The Old Country. by Mordicai Gerstein

Vienna Prelude. Bodie Thoene
Vivaldi’s Virgins.* Barbara Quick

Connie Sunday said: Apr 7, 2009
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Many of these books are available on Amazon for one cent (with shipping, which is probably around $3.00). Others are more expensive, some prohibitively so, but you can at least get the ISBN number and get it from the public library, even if you have to do an interlibrary loan (which is usually free). Here are the links to these books if anyone would like them:

Children’s Fiction: Strings
Picturebooks and Easy Readers | Chapter Books for Younger Elementary Children | Fiction for Teens

Free Handouts for Music Teachers & Students:

said: Apr 7, 2009
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Thanks for all your work! The website is a great idea. I’ll be in touch to let you know if my mom would like her name listed.

Anne said: Apr 9, 2009
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My mom just sent us a new book— Limony Snickett’s “The Composer is Dead”. It’s a great, and hilarious, introduction to the orchestra. It also comes with a CD, in which the author reads accompanied by the San Francisco Orchestra.

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