Level at which music reading begins


Rachel Schott said: Jun 6, 2005
Rachel SchottViolin
Harrogate, TN
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Age aside, at what level

do you begin a ‘formal’ reading method?

said: Jun 7, 2005
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I do pre-notereading exercises (Music Mind Games)

starting with a beginner. They LOVE them! Then I do I can Read Music, then the 3 volumes of Adventures in Music

Reading by Bill Starr, then eventually when the child is in Bk 4 or 5 I start etudes.

I would LOVE to hear

what you all do!

“When love is deep, much can be accomplished.”
-Shinichi Suzuki

Debbie said: Jun 8, 2005
Debbie Mi138 posts

This does not add a lot, but I do almost exactly the same

things that Junebug does. For the Bill Starr books, I am still experimenting around with different method books,

and maybe I’ll try those next as I havn’t tried them yet.

Corinne said: Jul 10, 2005
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I introduce Methode Rose for reading when I feel

the child is ready, which is usually sometime during book one.

Rynna (pianist)

Karra said: Jul 20, 2005
Stockholm 113 43, Sweden
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What an odd question for a poll. I think kids can

be ready to read at different points in the repertiore, as they are not all the same age or at the same point in

their development when they start. Some kids are ready for it at Twinkle, others at Perpetual Motion, others at

the Minuets. Sometimes there are 4 year olds who are ready to start learning to read, but certainly this is not

the case with all children. I use flashcards first, then we play games with a large staff and notes I made

(students get to pick our next activity or get a sticker if they get a certain number of questions right, or I

play what they put on the board and they get to correct my ‘mistakes’). Then I use Joanne Martin’s “I Can Read

Music” books.

“It may very well be music that will one day save the world”— Pablo Casals

Karra said: Jul 20, 2005
Stockholm 113 43, Sweden
51 posts

Sorry, didn’t realize the poll was just for

violin. I teach cello.

“It may very well be music that will one day save the world”— Pablo Casals

said: Jul 20, 2005
 26 posts

I agree. Readiness for music reading has far more

to do with age, how well reading language is going, and other things like whether the posture can ‘take


I do think, too, that teaching a child to ‘read music’ using their violin is really different

to music theory, and they are often ready to start theory a lot earlier.

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