Accompany Suzuki (R) Edition

Steven Maloney said: Dec 31, 2017
Steven MaloneyViolin
Westchester, IL
4 posts is launched today for Violin Method Books 1 through 10 !

Long desired by teachers and students alike, and finally available after years of development, Accompany Suzuki (R) Edition now offers the most useful and effective tool for Suzuki Method (TM) students to practice Books 1-10, at ANY tempo, with no pitch distortion. Loop option available for working on those tricky spots.

These are not midi; they are professionally and musically recorded accompaniments crafted by real pianists. These are high quality sound files recorded from a digital keyboard and painstakingly edited to perfection.

Accompany Music Suzuki (R) Edition is licensed by the International Suzuki Association and Alfred Publishing.

Violinists: Try it Free today! Viola and Cello books are in Development and will be available in the New Year.

Aimee Petersen said: May 31, 2020
Aimee PetersenViolin, Viola
Fulshear, TX
1 posts

Can someone tell me why this was ended and what will be done for those of us that paid for a year’s subscription only to find out a month later that it is no longer being offered. I stumbled across this reading a post in a Suzuki forum on Facebook, did a free trial, liked it and signed up for a year only to find out a month later it is being discontinued and I cannot get a response from the company after 3 different emails.

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