Anyone uses Step by step 1b book for practice?

Eva Brodbeck said: Sep 20, 2016
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We have used book 1a and feel very happy with its clear instructions. I heard that the next book has some copyright restrictions so any songs written by Suzuki are not included. There are three songs written by Suzuki in Suzuki violin book 1. So how did the step by step 1b book deal with this problem? Anyone has a peek inside the book please give me some insight. It is really not easy to use the original Suzuki book for home practice for its lack of instructions and fingerplay chart, bow schemes and all the good stuff included in the Step by step 1a book. And I really like the CD included. It has three different tempos recorded for each song and it’s perfect for us to follow. I want to purchase the next book but concern about its content. Would it be as helpful as book 1a? The three songs written by Suzuki, are they being modified and included in the book?

Robin Lohse said: Sep 24, 2016
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Yes its turns out that most all of my students love to use this 1 B and yes I teach them both pieces from the Suzuki book and Kerstins’s as well. In the case of Perpetual Motion and its counterpart, both work as harmonies when played together. I teach Perpetual Motion by ear of course and so its easy for them to play along with the CD. so yes I would encourage students to purchase 1B.

Robin Lohse

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