Concert in Saint Paul/MN on May 25th

Gustavo Henrique de Francisco said: Apr 1, 2016
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presents Bach and Brazil

Suzuki teachers:
Gustavo de Francisco—recorders
Renata Pereira—recorders
Felipe Araújo—recorders
Fernanda de Castro—recorders

This is a two-part concert, presenting excerpts from Bach’s The Art of Fugue and also a mixed Brazilian music repertoire.

First Part: This masterpiece of the renowned composer Johann Sebastian Bach, composed at the end of his life, leaves us perplexed by its perfection and the musical enigmas of its legacy. Would the Art of Fugue have remained an unfinished work, or would Bach have written part of the work and invited other composers to finish it? What is certain is that he signed the work musically in its final subject and 270 years later, Quinta Essentia presents this masterpiece on historical instruments.

Second Part: Falando Brasileiro is filled with original music for recorder quartet and arrangements of Brazilian popular tunes. In this new work, using instruments that provide a “speech,” the group presents the Brazilian accent: a mixture of different rhythms inherited from African music and fluent melody inherited from European music. Speaking Brazilian is the way Quinta Essentia tells us the stories of this bringing together of musical and national poems.

Group website:

Wednesday, May 25, 2016 at 7:30 PM (CDT) - Add to Calendar

The Baroque Room—275 4th Street East #280, Saint Paul, MN 55101 - View Map

Quinta Essentia Quartet

Quinta Essentia Quartet. The Quinta Essentia Quartet

Image by Gustavo Henrique de Francisco

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