Electric Guitar?

Katherine Oakley said: Nov 29, 2015
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Can my child learn via the Suzuki method, on an electric guitar? or does it specifically have to be on an acoustic?

Ally Ci said: Dec 1, 2015
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The electric, acoustic and classical guitar are very different. We had an acoustic guitar and wasn’t good, we had to buy a classical guitar.
I would recommend talking to your teacher before purchasing your instrument, for proper fitting. Classical guitars also come in different sizes. At one point, as my son advanced in the program, we had to get a guitar of the same size but different material.

Gregory Guay said: Mar 3, 2016
Gregory GuayGuitar
Mount Pleasant, SC
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Good question!
I am exceptionally picky when it comes to the guitar children start with. Not only do I insist on a classical nylon string guitar—not a steel string acoustic— but I also prefer that it is a quality solid top guitar at the correct size. This ensures the child may develop their appreciation to play with beautiful tone—which is essential to the Suzuki method.

My analogy is this: starting with an electric guitar is sort of like a child beginning drawing lessons with ten cans of colored spray paint when he or she has not yet drawn with a pencil and paper.

Steel string acoustics are usually harder on children’s fingers and I don’t think the tone is as consistently beautiful with fingers on nylon.

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