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Ingrid Wieler said: Oct 6, 2015
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Hello. My son is starting guitar soon. Our teacher recommended a particular guitar-maker. His guitars cost $675 for a 55 cm guitar.

I am wondering:

  1. Are there any classical guitar rental places with good student guitars (that ship to CA)?
  2. Are there any guitar makers that let you trade in a smaller guitar for the next size up (like violins)?
  3. How long does a guitar fit a child?
  4. Is it possible to get a nice, easy to play guitar for, say, $300?

Thank you for any advice!


Ally Ci said: Oct 7, 2015
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How old is your son? Mine started guitar at 4, with a1/2 guitar, we paid around $90 for it. That guitar has been through a lot. It would have been very painful for me to buy a $600 + guitar and see it being treated the same way. We upgraded to a 3/4 (cheap) guitar after 3 years; and this past year the teacher insisted on a good quality guitar—he was in Book 4, so we got a 3/4 expensive one recommended by the teacher.

I would recommend a cheaper one for a first guitar. I would go to a music store and pick one the same size as the one recommended by the teacher.

Shelly said: Oct 7, 2015
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Our teacher recommended a Strunal Student Guitar with Nylon strings purchased from Mean Tone in Ithaca, New York. The 3/4 guitar and a good backpack-style case was less than $300. I believe the guitar was around $225 and case was about $40. (Looks like they are presently out of stock per the website.)

They shipped to Texas so I am sure that they can ship to California. I was not, however, impressed with their shipping methods nor was our teacher. It was simply packed in a cardboard box with paper and the strings were left taught, which can damage the guitar.

Regardless, it has been a good first guitar. He has used it for this first year and a half, and I foresee him being able to use this same guitar for several more years.

I don’t know about trades. My son is 6 now and we’ll hang onto it in case his 3 year old sister has any interest. If he becomes a rock star (hopefully not); it will be worth thousands and I’ll get my money back. :) Hope this helps you.

Ingrid Wieler said: Oct 7, 2015
 Violin, Suzuki Early Childhood Education
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Hahaha. Thanks, Shelly.

Gregory Guay said: Mar 3, 2016
Gregory GuayGuitar
Mount Pleasant, SC
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Kremona makes fractional guitars that I feel are better tone and quality than Strunal, and comparable prices, under $400.

“Solid Top” is one key element for the guitar, and usually the nicer ones will resell easier. If you buy a $600 guitar and sell it for $400 you basically rented a guitar for two years around $10/month—absurdly cheap!

Daniel Schneider said: Mar 9, 2016
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The Strunal guitars are no longer being imported, unfortunately.

When I emailed David Coester at Meantone, he said that Strunal had closed their US importer. He suggested that it might be possible to order directly from Strunal.

Our Suzuki instructor is currently recommending the Aranjuez guitars available from, from Germany. I’ve seen them; they look and sound nice. $255 plus $40 shipping.

My kids are using used, secondhand Strunals.

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