Playing Pain Free—Grossman Method visits LA

Leslie Brown Katz said: Mar 20, 2014
Leslie Brown Katz
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In my experience as a player, and as a teacher, one of the main topics for longevity on the violin is proper set up and posture. The result is a beautiful free flowing tone, one that the player revels in because of its effortlessness, and of course, the listener is drawn to this kind of a sound.
How can one maintain this perfect posture when real world stress and challenges interfere?
Illness or injury, less than ideal space (orchestra setting), long hours of practicing, lack of sleep, stress over performances etc.
I have picked up many great large muscle warm up and cool down routines from gifted Suzuki teachers over the years. These are done regularly in my studio at the beginning of each lesson, and if you trail after me at the LA Opera, you will find gently untangling something on the intermissions!
This Saturday, Hal Grossman (who is presenting at the 2014 SAA Conference!) will be giving a Violinist Stretch Class on the Lawn in Sherman Oaks, CA.
If you are in the area, please contact me for details and an invitation to sample this method specifically designed for Violin and Viola players!
Leslie Katz,
SAA violin teacher, LA Opera violinist, Marrowstone Festival Faculty

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