Practice piano when on overseas holidays


Rowena Rong said: Nov 17, 2013
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We’re visiting families in China during Christmas/New Year period for 3 weeks. I wonder how children can usually practice piano daily when travelling. I’m thinking of buying a keyboard for my daughter to practice on. But a normal keyboard is too big to go on the plane—cannot fit in a luggage and too big to be a carry on. There is a small keyboard that we can buy but it’s like a toy with only 44 keys, which is not enough for some songs.

Any suggestions?

Mengwei Shen said: Nov 18, 2013
Mengwei Shen
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Assuming you normally play/learn on an acoustic piano—I wouldn’t recommend trying to achieve “practice” on a keyboard with the different sound, feel, etc. This may be a good time for more/different listening activities, theory activities, and so on. Depending on the child, I would also introduce the idea of “mental practice”; it’s still useful training to imagine that you are playing and think about each finger moving. Your teacher might have some ideas.

Laura said: Jan 10, 2014
Laura Mozena
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What about a Melodica? I am not a piano teacher and realize that for an advanced student this would not be beneficial, but for a beginner possibly? I know that Melodicas are frequently used at suzuki programs in grand concerts and group settings where many piano students play right along with string students. Just a thought.

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