Problem with Suzuki Accompaniment CD!

Christina Brokerhoff said: Jun 12, 2012
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Hi there,

I`m using the Suzuki CDs on my computer (haven`t got a keyboard) and sometimes it works fine: I can listen and play to the recordings at any speed I wish.

On some days, however, there is no sound, which is most perplexing. I never really fiddle with the settings and I just don`t know where it goes wrong. Sometimes I go weeks without accompaniment and suddenly it works again.

Any ideas?

Jennifer Visick said: Jun 12, 2012
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Do you mean that you are using the MIDI piano accompaniment CDs?

Christina Brokerhoff said: Jun 13, 2012
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Oh yes, those are the ones. Just tried and it`s still not working. had the same problem with the second CD, now the third CD. I can see everything is working fine (there`s a cursor moving with the notes) but no sound.

Have you any idea what`s wrong here?

Kind regards

Phillipa Burgess said: Jun 13, 2012
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Sometimes this kind of problem comes from the computer itself, so you might want to try rebooting/restarting your computer when the sound doesn’t work.


Christina Brokerhoff said: Jun 13, 2012
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Yes, I`ve done that. But it`s only the midi files that don`t play, everything else does!

Celia Jones said: Jun 14, 2012
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It might be something to do with whatever you’re playing everything else on. Windows Media Player sometimes turns the volume down to zero for Home Concert (the programme the MIDI come with). In the bottom right hand corner of my screen is a button labeled volume. I right clicked on it and got a Volume control panel up, and one of them is turned to zero. I slid it back up and Home Concert works again.


Christina Brokerhoff said: Jun 15, 2012
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Hi Celia,

I was thinking along those lines, but I´m sure I checked either yesterday or the day before and the volume was actually turned up… But it must be something like that, really, because the program itself seems to be working fine—just no sound.

Funny thing just now then, I tried it and today it works! It truly beats me -I have been without home concert for at least three weeks this time.

Thanks for all the ideas—please post more if anything else comes to your mind because I sure haven`t solved the problem yet!


Christina Brokerhoff said: Jun 16, 2012
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Ha, I`ve got it!

Celia was right—it`s something to do with listening to other files. There are two controls that I have to reset after using other players, then it`s fine. What a strange thing, though…

Thanks for the help, I appreciate it!


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