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Many Summer Institutes and local Suzuki organizations offer scholarships for students and/or teachers as well.

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SAA Teacher Development scholarships provide tuition assistance for pedagogy study at approved Summer Institutes, Latin American Festivals, workshops, or through other SAA-approved Teacher Development programs.

Decisions are based primarily on merit, with consideration also given to expressed need. Awards are limited to the study of Suzuki book units and the SAA Practicum and paid directly to the Institute, university or sponsoring agency after SAA receives verification of the applicant’s acceptance into the course/program.

Check back for scholarship deadlines for 2023-2024

Requirements for Scholarships for Unit Training

Awards for unit training range from $300 to $500. All information and materials received will be regarded as confidential. Applicants who are awarded scholarships will receive automatic audition approval through the level at which they are applying. SAA office is not able to retrieve past audition or scholarship video recordings previously submitted.

  1. Current SAA Active membership is required.

  2. Must reside within the SAA region (North, Central and South America).

  3. Completed application online. Video recordings of the applicant performing required pieces for their instrument. Performances must be current within the past 3 years. (See Video Application Guide, which includes the list of specific pieces to be recorded and instructions for making the recording.) Pieces to be performed will be from Book 4 to apply for Book 1-4 courses. For Book 5 and higher courses, apply at the Intermediate or Comprehensive level.

  4. Three current, original letters of recommendation (excluding family members) enclosed with the application. Two of these should come from a professional mentor or colleague. Teachers applying for a second or third year scholarship (see restrictions above) must include a recommendation from the Trainer with whom they have previously studied as one of their letters of recommendation.

Requirements for Scholarships for University Degree Programs in Suzuki Pedagogy

Awards for study in a university pedagogy degree program generally range from $400 to $800/year. Please see list of SAA-approved university Suzuki pedagogy degree programs. To apply, please provide items 1 through 4 as above, plus the following:

  1. A video recorded performance of two pieces or movements. Repertoire may be selected from Suzuki Book 7 and beyond and/or from the major repertoire beyond the Suzuki literature.

  2. Acceptance to an SAA-approved university Suzuki pedagogy degree program.

  3. Specific plans for participation in Suzuki degree program, including program name, location, length of program and estimate of costs.

Specific Scholarships

Included among the available scholarships are awards from the following special funds: (Amounts awarded vary. Some scholarships are awarded only as funds become available and/or needs arise.)

Premier Business Member Sponsored Scholarships

SAA Premier Business Members support the SAA year after year, contributing to teacher training scholarships and other programs.