Suzuki Online Seminar—Course Criteria

June, July, August Special SAA Online Seminars for 2020


To provide opportunities for TWPs to …

  • hone skills while unit training is not available
  • study in more depth a particular focus or a specific feature of a Unit
  • develop new ideas together and share concerns
  • enhance TWPs understanding of how to implement the Suzuki approach
  • demonstrate understanding of what they have absorbed from previous courses
  • refresh or renew teaching ideas and enthusiasm after months of online teaching

Guidelines for Seminar content:

  • Generally, topics to be instrument-specific or focused accordingly
  • Lesson plan to be interactive; not lecture-focused
  • Goal should be to support overall excellence in Suzuki teaching
  • Topics are able to be offered effectively online and will allow and encourage interaction between participants and trainer
  • Topics should not primarily focus on tone or be dependent on quality sound
  • Topics chosen may be expansion of unit material or topics that merit further exploration.
  • Topic should be specific enough to be explored in 5 hours, with interaction and discussion included.
  • Class plan may include a mentoring or feedback activities that align with the specific focus of the seminar. 

Requirements of Trainer:

  • Have available a well-functioning computer setup with quality video, audio, internet
  • Provide a clear seminar description for the SAA website and create an outline of plans
  • Post the seminar for SAA approval at least 3-4 weeks in advance, to allow for approval and participant registrations
  • Specify in your seminar description any additional prerequisites needed for participation in your seminar or any anticipated pre-course assignments
  • Be able to be flexible with your schedule, as needs arise
  • Be able to provide or refer participants to solutions when technical support is needed
  • Provide SAA with any necessary information for processing taxable income earned

Note: If any Trainer feels able to contribute any part of the honorarium to help with scholarships for Latin American participants, it would be much appreciated.

Requirements of Participants:

  • SAA Active membership
  • ECC or Filosofia and Unit One for most seminars (Any additional prerequisites as determined by the Trainer, must be posted in the Seminar description.)
  • Enrollment for each seminar is a minimum of 4 participants and a maximum of 6
  • Virtual learning setup with good video, audio, and internet access (A screen larger than provided by a phone is highly recommended.)
  • Seminar fee of $105, payable to the SAA, includes registration of completed seminar
  • Attend and participate in the full 5 hours of the seminar
  • Complete any pre-seminar assignments assigned

SAA’s role:

  • Approve, list, and promote the seminars for the Suzuki Online Seminar Program
  • Cancel and refund fees if seminar registration does not reach the minimum of 4 participants at least 10 days before course start
  • Provide the Trainer with a roster of attendees 10 days before the seminar starts
  • Compensate Trainer for completed 5-hour seminars @$425 each
  • SAA will reserve the right to waitlist proposed seminars when information is incomplete, enrollment is low, the number of seminars begins to exceed market need, or other complications arise.

Note: SAA has committed to subsidizing administrative costs, as needed, in order to keep participants’ costs low.

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