Happy Birthday Dr. Suzuki!

Happy Birthday Dr. Shinichi Suzuki
Susan Baer
To the ever increasing light that these candles shine on the world!
Carol Ourada
Sharing Dr. Suzuki's vision for the future
Christopher Fiore
Happy Birthday, Dr. Suzuki! Your teachings have shaped my life.
Sarah Richardson
For future Suzuki teachers
Mary Halverson Waldo
Thank you, on behalf of the Recorder community!
Ithaca Talent Education
Suzuki Sensei's message lives on!
Marissa Murphy
Carol Murphy and Mary Cay Neal
William Hurd
Happy Birthday Dr. Suzuki!
Sally Gross
To all my colleagues: Thank you for teaching me
Shirley Jamison Star
Thank you, Suzuki Sensei
Heather Hadley
For inspiring new teachers!
Rebecca Sandrok
With gratitude to Suzuki Sensei
Anne Donahue
Thanks for your inspiration and integrity. The world is a better place.
Pat D'Ercole
To all Suzuki teachers making a better world 1 parent and student at a time
Linda Case
Thank you William Starr !
Lisa Hansen
Thanks to all the summer Suzuki institute directors!
Janet Janz
To the teachers and familie at the Suzuki Music School of Lincoln Park
DFWWOW Suzuki Institute
Thank you, Dr. Suzuki!
Lisa Toner
Making the world a better place!
Barbara Scheafer
In honor of all the great teachers that follow in Dr. Suzuki's footsteps.
Donna Lim
For all the hearts in the SAA who truly believe in the vision
AnnArbor Suzuki Institute
For the sharing of Great Ideas
Abbey Hansen
For my entire Suzuki family for creating my rich life.
To AMAZING teachers
Mary Kelly
In gratitude for a man that never stopped loving and continues to inspire!
Edward Kreitman
Thank you! Dr. Suzuki for your vision for all children
Carrie Reuning-Hummel
I dream of the day when all education is Suzuki education.
Sarah Smale
For my future colleagues
Suzy Perelman
In honor of Sarah for being Sarah
Thi, Lang & Vien
In honor of all the wonderful Suzuki teachers who shaped our lives
Susan Moinester
October 17 gives us all a chance to reconnect.
Barbara Wampner
In gratitude for making a difference in our world
Marilyn OBoyle
To all the wonderful families who have Nurtured their children with love!
Ruth Engle Larner
Thank you Dr Suzuki!
Rolando Freitag
Thank you
Shana Guidi
To all of my wonderful teachers...I have truly been nurtured by love.
Margot Jewell
In thankfulness for the inspiration of Dr. Suzuki's vision.
Alyssa Hardie Beckmann
Happy Birthday Dr. Suzuki! And thanks to all the teacher trainers!
Elizabeth Jones
Thank you, Dr. Suzuki, for inspiring a community where love is deep.
Beatrice Blanc
In honor of my mentors, with immeasurable gratitude to Dr. Suzuki!
Daniel Gee
Thank you!
Monica Vander Baan
Thank you Carol for the "extra" in your teacher training.
Susan Heisner
Thank you Dr. Suzuki, Amy, and Lou Anne for changing my life.
Lorena Luciano
Cheers to great music education and a growing inspiring community!
Kathy Fitzgerald Moser
To Yasuko, Gilda, Jane and all who spread the belief that Every Child Can
Sarah Hersh
To Sensei, with gratitude; To new teachers, a warm 'Welcome!'
Wendy Seravalle-Smith
Thank you Suzuki sensei for changing my life and the lives of my students
SIUE Suzuki Program
For the Love of Music
Suzuki Institute Dallas
To all future Suzuki teachers
Nicolette A Solomon
My father, who gave me "Nurtured by Love"
Camilla and Family
Thank you BKCM!
Carol Waldvogel
Thank You Dr. Suzuki
Carol Gwen Kiefer
Happy 118th Birthday, Dr. Suzuki! Thank you for giving hope.
Beth Vojtisek
In honor of the faculty and families of Suzuki Royal Oak Institute of Music
Rumi Shimasaki
With infinite gratitude to Dr. Suzuki & Michele George for changing my life
Karyn Grove-Bruce
For all that Suzuki has done for the world!
The School for Strings
Happy Birthday!
Emma Wardell
Thank you for making music fun and interesting to play.
Martine Benmann
Thank you, Dr Suzuki, for your vision , dedicated work and love.
Matching Gift
From a generous supporter.
Shu-Yi Scott
In honor of Gilda Barston and all the great Suzuki teachers
Marina Obukovsky
In memory and honor of Sheila Keats and many extraordinary Suzuki teachers
Kate Inie-Richards
My first Suzuki teacher Mrs. Shelley Beard Santore
Leah Zelnick
For inspiring all of us to be better teachers, musicians, and human beings
Nancy Yamagata
In honor of Gilda Barston and all our visionaries past, present and future
Cathryn Lee
For your wisdom and love you gave to the world
Ellen Kogut
New Suzuki teachers and the students they will positively impact
Irene Mitchell
in honor of Sue Baer
Cecilia Calvelo-Hopkins
Happy Birthday Dr. Suzuki!!!!
Barbara Riley
Thank you, Dr. Suzuki, for enriching our lives!
Sandra McWalter Payton
In memory of Marian Schreiber
Colleen Fitzgerald
May we continue to nurture those around us with love.
Abigael & Smith
Thank you for creating the Suzuki Method!
Laura A. Woodside
Thank you, Dr. Suzuki for all your teaching inspiration!
Loren Abramson
Thank you for enriching my life!
In memory of Jane Bradley
Allen Lieb
In remembrance of Gilda Barston and all our past Suzuki mentors.
Suzuki Assoc. of Indiana
Happy birthday Dr. Suzuki from the Suzuki Association of Indiana!!!
Esther Fellows
Thank you for teaching us to treasure children as human beings.
Marla Majett
To all teachers past & future.
Alex Revoal
Happy Birthday to a beautiful heart.
Joan Krzywicki
In honor of our dedicated Suzuki community
Beth Scott
Happy Birthday, Dr. Suzuki! You made a difference in the world.
a grateful teacher
for inspiring such a rich community
Christie Felsing
In honor of all past, current, and future Suzuki teachers
Erin Rushforth
For a bright and peaceful future!
Beth Cantrell
For our future leaders
Brenda Parker
For future Suzuki teachers
Diane Slone
Thank you Sensei, and my friends, for your dedication to lifelong learning.
Susan Montzka McDonald
To all Suzuki teachers past, present, and future
Joanna Binford
For all my colleagues at the Academy of Music in Norfolk VA
Wan Tsai Chen
Happy Birthday, Suzuki Sensei!
Winifred Crock
To all my dear Suzuki friends, students and family
Marilyn Montzka
Let's keep it go9ing!
Marilyn Kesler
To the many new generations or teachers
Domenick and Linda Fiore
Honoring the man who demonstrated life long learning
Terri Patkin
For all the teachers, from generation to generation
Teri Einfeldt
Thank you to all my colleagues and students for teaching me.
Janelle Severson
When love is deep, much can be accomplished.
Beth Titterington
Thank you, Sensei, for giving Talent Education to the children of the world
Wendy Azrak
Thank you for a sharing community
Heidi Curatolo
Thank you for everything!
Jean Grieve
Kat Fritz
Thank you Dr. Suzuki and all my teachers over the years. I love this work!
Connie Heim Stambaugh
Thank you for your vision and the impact you've had and are still having!!
Julianna Chitwood
Thank you Dr Suzuki for the gift of your powerful and empowering vision
Marie Jureit-Beamish
John Kendall--great teacher of my children: Laura, Lindsay Garritson
For my daughters' wonderful teacher Gabriel Solomon
Bindu Bhutani
Deeply profoundly totally utterly grateful! I found treasure. Peace ❤️️
Anne Bowman
Brain science research is proving what Dr Suzuki knew intuitively.
The Turchyn Family
In honor of our wonderful teacher, Marina Obukovsky
Joyce Hodge
Dr. Suzuki your philosophy has changed my life.
Jennifer Kitts Guzman
I love my job! Dr. Suzuki's legacy lives on in future generations
The Brooklyn Conservatory of Music wishes Suzuki Sensei Happy Birthday!
Nora Grafton
Thank you for your on-going gift to children & music teachers of the world
Jillienne Bowers
Thank you, Dr. Suzuki for helping me shape children's lives through music.
Meret Bitticks
To my inspiring teachers!
Kathie Reed
For the wisdom to save the world
Triangle Music School
Thank you for your love and dedication
Tal Schifter
Let's keep Dr. Suzuki's vision going for generations to come.
Beverly de la Bretonne
Thank you, Dr. Suzuki for your impact on all of our lives.
Nancy Lokken
Thank you, Sensei, for helping us realize the potential of every child.
Christy Paxton
I'm beyond grateful for Suzuki's impact in my life!
Lynn McCall
Thank you Dr. Suzuki for your vision for the children of the world.
Susan Vaughan
Ellie LeRoux
Thank you, Sensei, for enriching my life, my family's and all students!
Sherry Cadow
Immeasurable goodness from one person.
Satoko Robert
Thank You Dr. Suzuki and so many wonderful Suzuki teachers !!
Liz Arbus
Happy Birthday to the man who changed the world!
Dedicated to the teacher trainers of the SAA who share wisdom & inspiration
Ramona Stirling
Dr. Suzuki made my life!
Ellen Berry
In gratitude to Dr. Suzuki for changing my teaching and my life!
April Losey
Here's to the lifetime impact teaching (& teacher training) has on so many!
Deena Shapiro
You changed the world, and changed my life. Thank you!
Carol Dallinger
With gratitude for changing my life and those of so many others.
Yumi Kendall
Thank you, Dr. Suzuki! From the Suzuki Alumni Project
Christine Goodner
In gratitude for Suzuki's impact on my life!
Sarah Bylander Montzka
Suzuki training changed my life. Let's pay it forward, friends!
Michael Bogomolny
To all the wonderful teachers out there, shaping the next generation!
Charles Krigbaum
In honor of future teachers who will continue Dr. Suzuki's vision
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