Happy Birthday Dr. Suzuki!

Happy Birthday Dr. Shinichi Suzuki
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Jackie Gross
To Dr. Suzuki, a wonderful humanitarian and charismatic teacher.
Nancy Lokken
Suzuki Association of MN For Making a Difference Throughout the State
Carol Dallinger
UE Suzuki Violin Faculty
Barrett Suzuki Studio
Named Best of Reston for 2019! Thank you Dr. Suzuki!
Mark and Emiko George
In loving memory of Michele George
Patricia Licetti
Music is Flowing, Peoples faces are glowing, We Love you Sensei!
Diana Galindo
Celebrating this wonderful way to teach music with friends around the world
Joan Krzywicki
For all those who dedicate their lives to Dr. Suzuki's philosophy
Susan Baer
To all members of the Suzuki community who help save our world every day
UVMC Cello Studio
Cellists Everywhere
Daphne Gerling
in thanks for my wonderful teachers and teacher trainers
Erin Rushforth
Here's to more love, kindness, conversation, generosity, and peace!
Oscar Soler
To all those who help make our Suzuki community stronger
Tal Schifter
In honor of all my colleagues who help keep Dr. Suzuki’s philosophy alive.
Erica Klein
Cellos on the Charles
Charles Krigbaum
In celebration of Dr. Suzuki and my wonderful NTSA colleagues ❤️
Christine E Goodner
In celebration of Suzuki's life-changing impact on all of us!
Winifred Crock
In celebration of Dr. Suzuki
Beth Titterington
Thank you, Dr. Suzuki! From: Beth, John, Sarah, David, Lawrence and Eleanor
Mary Margaret Haraden
In thanksgiving for the amazing and dedicated HEB ISD Suzuki faculty
Will Hurd
I’m so grateful to work with wonderful families and colleagues!
April Losey
Let's continue to make the world a better place!
Wendy Azark
To the dedicated Suzuki community in Charlotte NC
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Happy Birthday, Sensei!

Fall has set in and the anniversary of Dr. Suzuki’s birthday is upon us. In honor of our beloved sensei and his love of chocolate and even greater love for sharing chocolate, we would like to offer this lovely chocolate cake this year.

Next week marks his 121st birthday. Every donation of $30 and above will receive a cake layer on the SAA website. Every donation of $121 and above will receive a super sweet cake layer and the ability to note a special message, thank you or memory of a special person.

You may also want to consider the option to sign up for a monthly donation to the SAA.

Even a small, regular donation can make an enormous difference. Please help us honor his memory and all he did for the world with your donation.

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