Happy Birthday Dr. Suzuki!

Happy Birthday Dr. Shinichi Suzuki
Mary Alice Rhodes
To all my students
Bindu Bhutani
Dr Suzuki, you live in our hearts every minute every day. Happy Birthday
Gail Gebhart
Honoring your dedication to children and teaching
Ellen Berry
To the fantastic Suzuki parents who nurture their children with love
Ottawa KS Suzuki Strings
Happy Birthday, Dr. Suzuki!
Shirley Jamison Star
Dr. Suzuki changed my life!
Lynanne Wilson
In honor of my dear friend, colleague and mentor Beth Cantrell
Jill Volk
This is for all the Suzuki teachers out there :)
Satoko Robert
To all those Suzuki mentors past and present
Nancy Modell
With gratitude for the ways Dr. Suzuki's vision has impacted my life.
Susan Heisner
Thank you Kay Collier McLaughin fo writing “Talking Together”
Barbara Riley
To the best career and best colleagues on the planet!
Priscilla Jones
To all my Washington State colleagues
Lisa Hansen
To Dr. Suzuki's idea of CHARACTER FIRST
Dawn Swartz
To the 100s of Kindergarteners of Randall School who taught me!
Sharon Miller
Grateful to Dr. Suzuki and all who have nurtured me!
Sue Baer
To the teachers who are saving the world, one child at a time.
Wardell Family
Thank you Dr. Suzuki for nurturing hearts through music!
Kate Ellingson
To all the cello teacher trainers who have inspired me more than they know!
Sarah Dudas
With special thanks to C. Krigbaum and N. Lokken, among many others
Michael Bogomolny
Suzuki education makes it a sweeter world for us all!
Loren Abramson
Thank you, sensei for changing the world.
Sanchie Bobrow
Remembering my mentors, Dr. Suzuki, Louise Behrend and Katherine Gerson.
Christine Faught
with gratitude
Meg Lanfear
To my parents, who have supported lifelong learning for me and many others
Danette Schuh
for the happiness of all children.
Holly Blackwelder Carpent
To my colleagues on the SAA Board
Tal Schifter
Keeping alive Dr. Suzuki’s vision which I so strongly believe and support.
Grace Field
I feel blessed to be a part of the Suzuki family.
Shu-Yi Scott
To Dr. Suzuki's vision and the Suzuki community
Lynn McCall
In honor of those dedicated to Dr. Suzuki's mission
Stephanie Hunt
To my immediate and my extended Suzuki family
Yumi Kendall
The entire Suzuki community
In honorof Dr Sue Baer
Heather Hadley
With deep appreciation for my SAA community.
Jeremy Dittus
557517; 556521; 55FIVE3176; 443121!!!
Marilyn Andersen
To Suzuki, Kataoka, Koppelman & Joichi
Frances Green
To Greenville ISD Suzuki students - Every Child Can!
Rhonda Hotop
To Nancy Jackson--Thanks for your faith in me all those years ago.
Christie Felsing
In honor of the Suzuki pioneers
Nancy Hair
We honor your vision!
MaryLou Roberts
Grateful for all my colleagues at the Ann Arbor Suzuki Institute
Sarah Bylander Montzka
"Character first." Thank you, Dr. Suzuki.
Kat Fritz
to all my students near and far
Beth Scott
Thank you, Dr. Suzuki, for your gift of love to the world.
August's Dad
Thanks to all who have been part of my 3 sides of the triangle.
Galina's Guitar Studio
"Teaching music is not my main purpose. I want to make good citizens."
Kristina Turner
Every Child, Every Parent, Every Teacher CAN!
Laura Tagawa
Happy Birthday Dr. Suzuki!
Kathleen Spring
My Students!
Susan Montzka McDonald
To beloved Suzuki colleagues, near and far
Stacy Smith
To Colleagues and Students at the Gifted Music School in SLC, UT
Annette Lee
In memory of Doris Koppelman and Yasuko Joichi. They changed my life!
Daina Volodka
To Ed Kreitman and Nancy Lokken, thank you!
Carrie Reuning-Hummel
Thank you, Sensei.
Julia Bartsch
in honor of Ellen Kim, my mentor
Sara Bennett Wolfe
with fervent hope that "perhaps it is music that will save the world"
Breana Bauman
To Parents Everywhere
Joanna Binford
to all the Academy of Music Suzuki teachers, Norfolk VA
Pat D'Ercole
To Suzuki mentors and mentees, big & small. Thank you.
David Schnadower
To wonderful teachers: April D, Stephanie H and Alice Ann O!
Vanessa Vari
In honor of Mary Cay Neal and Buffalo Suzuki Strings
Chris Mattaliano
For all my colleagues, mentors, and friends in HEBISD and NTSA
Erin Rushforth
For Liz Arbus, who encouraged and mentored me as a young teacher
Teri L. Einfeldt
To all my Suzuki colleagues at the Hartt School Community Division
April Losey
Here's to all the Suzuki violists!
Amanda Schubert
In honor of Dr. Suzuki and his philosophy
Mary Halverson Waldo
Suzuki Recorder School author, Katherine White
Carol Dallinger
UE Suzuki Violin Faculty
Tomenko Family
with love and appreciation for April Losey
Christina Morton
Academy of Music Suzuki Program, Norfolk,VA
Tanya Lesinsky Carey
for my father's scholarship
The Koonz Family
For the incredible joy and opportunity Suzuki brings to our family.
Jennifer Hancock
Merry Pruitt
Marguerite Jayasimha
For two beautiful souls, Dr. Suzuki and Michele George
Nina Crothers
In memory of my mother, Leena Kareoja-Crothers
The Minnillo's
Winifred Crock
For all the wonderful people involved in and touched by Suzuki education
Emily Balderrama
For all those who believe in the education of children!
Heather Bissell--WCMS
To changing the world, one child at a time...
Wendy Azrak
Refaey Family Musicians
Beverly de la Bretonne
Dr. Suzuki & John Kendall-Two great men who inspired and changed my life.
Kimberly Meier-Sims
John Kendall, my mentor and teacher. For the education of all Teachers.
Linda Piatt
Daina Volodka-Staggs thanks for your inspiration and leadership.
Sheryl Shohet
To our worldwide Suzuki community
Angela Robertson
In memory of Reuben and Jane Robertson
Mary Walters
With love and appreciation for the SAA community
Esther Fellows
In gratitude to Suzuki and all he did
Cleo Brimhalls Studio
Sensei Stars Studio sends a chocolate layer with love and appreciation
Kathy Moser
To Dr. Kataoka, Yasuki Joichi, Chris Hayakawa, et al-enjoy the celebration!
Chloe Ross- The Studio Vi
To Dr. Suzuki's legacy that lives in every musician little or big.
Paule Barsalou
In honor of Michele Higa George
Joan Krzywicki
For all of the children of the world
Rick Lohmann
on behalf of my students and colleagues at Santa Fe Talent Education
Gerard McGlone
In memory of David L. Einfeldt
The Stumm Family
To Ms. Ann Montzka-Smelser for her continued dedication and support!!
Marie Jureit-Beamish
John Kendall—inspiring hundreds of young musicians
William Hurd
To all my families, students, and colleagues with love and gratitude.
Sally Gross
To all future Twinklers
Susan Beth Barak
To my students, families, teachers, and colleagues, with gratitude & love
Susanne Garber
To all those passing Dr. Suzuki's philosophy to children around the world.
Carmen Evans
for lifelong learning
Ellen Kogut
To all of the bright minds in Suzuki education
Florida Music Institute
When Love is deep, much can be accomplished
Greenville ISD Suzuki
We never hurry, never stop...loving you! Happy B-Day, Dr. Suzuki!
Oscar Soler
In honor of all my friends and colleagues at HEB ISD Suzuki Strings.
Christine Goodner
In honor of Dr. Suzuki and in celebration of our wonderful Suzuki community
Charles Krigbaum
In honor of Dr. Suzuki’s philosophy
Rolando Freitag
May we diverge in thought and unite in action
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Happy Birthday, Sensei!

On October 17, 2018, we commemorate Dr. Suzuki’s 120th birthday and remember the extraordinary man at the heart of our Suzuki world.

Please join us in celebrating Dr. Suzuki’s 120th birthday and honoring our beloved Suzuki community.

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