Happy Birthday Dr. Suzuki!

Happy Birthday Dr. Shinichi Suzuki
Susanne Baker
In loving memory of Doris Koppelman who taught me about the Suzuki method!
Mary Alice Rhodes
Dr. Suzuki, thanks so much for your life!
Martha Yasuda
I can't imagine teaching w/o Suzuki's heartfelt and brilliant influence!
Jennifer Crowell Stomberg
"Where love is deep, much can be accomplished." Thank you, Dr. Suzuki!
Julia Hardie
For the teachers, students, and parents of the future!
Tal Schifter
Dr. Suzuki has not only changed the way we teach but the way we live!
Barb Riley
Happy Birthday, Sensei, from all my SECE Music Tree families!
Lorena Luciano
to the dedicated and inspiring teachers of the Brooklyn Music Conservatory
Marissa Murphy
With gratitude and love from the students of Washington Suzuki Strings!
Sarah Bylander Montzka
"Character first, ability second." Thank you, Dr. Suzuki!
Alicia Randisi-Hooker
To my students, who enrich my life in countless ways
Sheryl Shohet
Dedicated to all Suzuki Method teachers everywhere!
Ann and Linc Smelser
for the happiness of all children
Nancy Lokken
Thank you for enriching the lives of Parents, Children, and Teachers!
Kathleen Moser
To All Who Have Researched and Who Continue to Search for His "Diamond Tone
Nancy Hair
Thanks for changing our lives!
Jackie Gross
Thank you Dr. Suzuki for enhancing my life.
Carol Ourada
With gratitude to Dr. Suzuki for teaching us all
Ellen Berry
To my students who teach me something every day!
Sarah Hersh
To Sensei, for showing everyone what it means to teach.
To the teachers, educators, and mentors that make a world of difference!
Gabriel Pliego
To Suzuki Teachers in Mexico
The Turchyn Family
In honor of our incredible, beautiful teacher, Marina Obukovsky-
Loren Abramson
TY Dr. Suzuki for helping me grow.
Wan Tsai Chen
"Music Can SAVE the World!"
Jennifer Kitts Guzman
May the music of children bring peace to the hearts of all people
Christine E Goodner
Thank you to all the amazing Suzuki teachers in our community!
Daniel Gee
Never stop believing that fighting for what's right is worth it.
Wendy Azrak
More Teachers, More Fun!
Kirsten Weiss
In loving memory of John Kendall
Carol Tarr
For all the Dr. Suzuki has taught all of us
Esther Fellows
In gratitude to Suzuki and all he has done for the children of the world
Joanna Binford
to all the Academy of Music (Norfolk) Suzuki Teachers!
Kirsten Browning
TY to Dr. Suzuki for teaching us how to build noble hearts.
Heidi Curatolo
So that "every teacher can"
Kristina Turner
In gratitude for the love and support from our Suzuki Community. Thank you!
Deanna Badgett
all kenkyusei
Maeve O'Hara
to the future of the SAA!
Carey Beth Hockett
to all my colleagues who are so eager to share
Mary Margaret Haraden
For the fabulous HEB ISD Suzuki Strings team!
Chris Mattaliano
Thank you, Dr. Suzuki. You've made me the teacher and person I am today.
Teri Einfeldt
In honor of keeping the Philosophy together with achieving excellence.
Susan Montzka McDonald
To all Suzuki teachers past, present, and future
Shirley Jamison Star
Thank you, Dr. Suzuki!
Carmen Evans
to lifelong learning
Erin Rushforth
In gratitude for the scholarships I received as a young(er) teacher
Sara Bennett Wolfe
in honor of the amazing families of SBW Suzuki Cello Studio and GSA!
Darby BeDell, MD
Thank you to all Suzuki teachers! You are so wonderful!!
Chloe Ross
To all the incredible people in our Suzuki Community!
Holly Blackwelder Carpent
To my colleagues thank you for inspiring me
Oscar Soler
To the lager Suzuki family
Keri Tomenko
with a grateful heart to Dr. Suzuki, my students & teacher friends
Joan Krzywicki
For all Suzuki teachers, parents, and students
Sally Gross
to all the future Suzuki teachers!
Susan K. Vaughan
Thank you, Dr. Suzuki!
Amanda Schubert
In loving memory of Dr. Suzuki
John and Nancy Eldridge
Grateful for Suzuki in our lives!
Rolando Freitag
To our awesome community - thank you!
Beth Cantrell
In honor of our students and families
Susanne Garber
For all my colleagues and wonderful families in this great journey
Suzuki Strings-St Pete,FL
to our community, Dr Suzuki, The Montzka family
Sachiko Isihara
In honor of Suzuki teachers throughout the world.
To wonderful teachers everywhere.
Diane Lewis
In honor of Dr Suzuki and John Kendall who changed my life
Winifred Crock
To dedicated teachers everywhere!
Charles Krigbaum
In honor of the Suzuki community! Thank you for teaching me!
Janelle Severson
To all my Suzuki parents, students, and colleagues in Wisconsin
Hebert Family
Thanks from Natalie for the years of great education!
Beatrice Blanc
With gratitude for all that Suzuki provides!!
April Losey
In honor of our new baby boy!
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Happy Birthday, Sensei!

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On October 17, 2017, we commemorate Dr. Suzuki’s 119th birthday and remember the extraordinary man at the heart of our Suzuki world.

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