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Which Pitch Is Which? Interactive Learning Program

Which Pitch Is Which? Interactive Learning Program

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By Mary Kay Waddington and Phala Tracy

Which Pitch Is Which? takes students on a musical adventure that brings pitches to life!

Animated notes take a journey through both treble and bass clefs, discovering and singing about each pitch. The interactive CD ROM includes ways to practice recognizing the pitches.

Several sets of flashcards are included: those with the pictures and songs, those with just colored notes, and finally those with black notes. The range is from one leger line below to one leger line above each clef (no sharps or flats).

Useful for any instrument using treble or bass clef! Those students playing harp or piano will get extra benefit because the notes travel from their place on the staff to their own string or key. And there are more interactive files to practice going from the staff to the instrument and back again.

All ages from preschool to adult will find this an easy, exciting way to learn to read pitches.

Preview: G Clef Story

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