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Vibrato from the Ground Up DVD

Vibrato from the Ground Up DVD

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By Joseph Kaminsky

A sequential series of exercises designed to introduce a string student to the concept of vibrato. These exercises may also be used to help strengthen existing weak vibratos in advanced students OR actually learn vibrato by watching sample lessons and playing along with the DVD at home. If 5-year-old Anna can learn vibrato in 11 weeks with the steps on this DVD, imagine what you could do!

“The systematic and sensible presentation of steps to vibrato makes excellent use of instructional DVD, and will be a boon to students, teachers, and parents.”
—John Kendall

“I can’t imagine teaching vibrato to a beginner any better than Mr. Kaminsky has demonstrated. His student was well-prepared to start learning how to vibrate, and the eleven lessons were planned perfectly…I will play this tape for my grandaughter. Maybe she will be inspired to begin playing the violin.”
—Almita Vamos

“Joe Kaminsky’s DVD Vibrato From the Ground Up is a wonderful resource for teachers. Through a succession of private lessons with a five year old, Mr. Kaminsky demonstrates how teachers can successfully develop a beautiful vibrato using his step-by-step approach. At the Cleveland Institute of Music I am privileged to be training the future generation of teachers. After receiving rave reviews from my pedagogy students in regards to this DVD, I plan to make it a requirement of my course. Thank you Mr. Kaminsky for sharing your ideas.”
—Kimberly Meier-Sims
Director, Sato Center for Suzuki Studies
The Cleveland Institute of Music

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