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101 Japanese Children's Songs

101 Japanese Children’s Songs

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For Developing Note Reading Skills

by Yoko Abe
Book, 43 pages

From the author:

This book is a collection of 101 Japanese children’s songs which were mostly composed from 1884 to 1921.

Japanese people admire the beauty of nature, season, and scenic places. Many lyricists and composers have expressed such beauty by creating songs for children. From 1912 on, Western music was accessible to the Japanese. Prior to that, however, they used the pentatonic five tone pattern, which is challenging to children who have not grown up hearing these tunes. Unable to guess notes or keys, they must truly read each note to play it correctly.

I hope that this collection not only improves note reading and sight reading skills for young students, but that it also provides them with pleasure while playing the tunes.

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“This book of Japanese folk songs is a wonderful gift: It is a fine collection of basic sight-reading material, mostly modal, and it strengthens the bond between Suzuki children of the Japanese and Western cultures. Dr. Suzuki would love this book!”
— William Starr

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