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Nurtured By Love DVD

Nurtured By Love DVD

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In 1929, Shinichi Suzuki made a startling discovery. Contrary to traditional theories about talent, he realized that born within every child was an extraordinary capacity to learn a universe of knowledge. This revelation led Suzuki on a life-long quest to develop the unlimited abilities of every child.

Narrated by actor Noriyuki “Pat” Morita, Nurtured by Love is an intimate journey through the life of one of the world’s most influential music educators, Dr. Shinichi Suzuki.

Told in his own words and through the reflections of those closest to him, the story of Suzuki is an inspirational celebration of the life and potential within all of us.

“What interest me in Suzuki was that he could take ordinary kids, selected only by the fact that their parents wanted to give them music lessons, get them through a very shrewd pedagogy, and, I think, warm philosophy to like music and make it an important part of their lives.”
Howard Gardner, Harvard University, Graduate School of Education

“I’d like to see the Suzuki movement take its place as an important influence in American musical life and world musical life; more important, as a part of the larger scheme of educating people.”
John Kendall, Southern Illinois University

Winner of Gold World Medal and National Telly Award. DVD, 58 minutes. Also available in VHS PAL format and VHS with Japanese subtitles on the mail-in order form.

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