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Concerto for Two Violins in D minor BWV1043 played remotely by Japanese Suzuki children

Concerto for Two Violins in D minor BWV1043 played remotely by Japanese Suzuki children

June 9, 2020 / Concerto for Two Violins in D Minor, Japanese, Suzuki

Aurora Suzuki Violins: A Model of Effective Leadership in the Suzuki Community

Aurora Suzuki Violins: A Model of Effective Leadership in the Suzuki Community

November 1, 2006 / Awards, Carol Waldvogel

present and future families of Stan’s program, Aurora Suzuki Violins. Stan received a Master’s of Music degree with a…s program expanded and added activities. In 1973, Aurora Suzuki Violins sponsored the first Chicagoland Suzuki Festival and 50 of Stan…s students attended. By 1982 the Aurora Suzuki Violins Orchestra was established and has since continued to flourish. In…many took place on May 13, 2004, when Aurora Suzuki Violins performed in the lobby of the Paramount in Chicago, IL… Read more

Suzuki Violins go Viral for children’s charity

Suzuki Violins go Viral for children’s charity

July 14, 2016 / ABS, Adapted Instruments, Adapted Lessons, Autism, Bow, Charity, Disabilities, Motivation, Music, Music Therapy, Special Needs, Students, Suzuki, Teachers, Technology

Violins go Viral for children’s charity: #NCAMChallenge Please Watch and…Month] Our Violin Super Heroes are using their Reverse Engineered Violins to help the Orange County Children’s Therapeutic Arts Center…social media points to get there. ViolinS…it does not keep these youth from picking up their violins and playing for their favorite charity. We would be honored… Read more

Suzuki Violins go Viral for children's charity

Suzuki Violins go Viral for children's charity

July 14, 2016 / ABS, Adapted Instruments, Adapted Lessons, Charity, Motivation, Music, Music Therapy, Non-profit, Special Needs, Suzuki

Violins go Viral for children’s charity: #NCAMChallenge Please Watch and…Month] Our Violin Super Heroes are using their Reverse Engineered Violins to help the Orange County Children’s Therapeutic Arts Center…social media points to get there. ViolinS…it does not keep these youth from picking up their violins and playing for their favorite charity. We would be honored… Read more

Chamber music for 3 and 4 violins

November 22, 2013 / Chamber Music, Violin

title=Category:For_4_violins&transclude=Template:Catintro And arrangements for 4 violins as well:… Read more

1/10 violins for sale @ Hong Kong

March 3, 2013 / For Sale, Violin

i have two 1/10 violins for sale. asking for hkd400 and hkd2000 . if you happen… Read more

Suzuki Pieces for 3 or 4 violins

July 3, 2012 / Violin

Suzuki pieces. But is there anything for 3 or 4 violins for the Suzuki pieces? Or do you know of other…music that is relatively easy for 3 or 4 violins (books 2-4 level). Leslie Thackeray Make Practicing Fun! www…nice for that level, a little something for everyone 4 violins, repetitious Paula E. Bird TX State University Wildflower Suzuki Studio… Read more

Violins, Bows and Tone - Oh My!

May 13, 2010 / Bow, Tone, Violin

blogviolinshopping101.html Here’s the complete 101 series of purchasing violins and bows! Enjoy! Diane Videos of… Read more

Gewa Violins

November 25, 2006 / Violin

Does anyone here have any experience with Gewa as a violin maker? I know them from buying accessories for other instruments when I lived in Germany, but am looking at what I might run across next year when I am in Vienna. Looking to pick up a nice 1/8 for… Read more

Twinkle Violins - sizing?

March 7, 2007 / Violin Free Handouts for Music Teachers & Students… Thanks for the link! The sizing… Quite a number of kids at…my child’s music school use 1/32s. Suzuki violins come that small, and so do Gliga violins (http://www… Read more

Best Travel Violin: Electric vs. Carbon Fiber Violins?

October 6, 2010 / Violin I own one of the cellos and have been… Read more

Need 1/32 or1/6 Violins for innercity 501 c 3 Suzuki Program

September 5, 2006 / Violin

of these families can afford even the rental on the violins. But they practice just as hard as my studio students…any of you out there have one of those tiny violins left in a closet somewhere that is still in playable… Read more

David Einfeldt Memorial Scholarship

David Einfeldt Memorial Scholarship

March 2, 2021 / Memorial, Scholarships

of our musical education.” —Mary Whitney Sperling and Sarah Whitney, violins Corning Philharmonic Youth Orchestra alumni “I have David to thank… Read more

Chapter Round Table Session from Conference 2018

Chapter Round Table Session from Conference 2018

March 2, 2021 / Chapters, Conference, Conference 2018

back in hands at the lowest price possible (also Lisle Violins). Large state organizations developed a fund and a central registry… Read more

Article Topics

February 23, 2021

7 Competition 5 Composers 1 Concert 1 Concerto for Two Violins in D Minor 1 Concerts 4 Conference 180 Conference 2006… Read more

The Suzuki Guitar Experience

The Suzuki Guitar Experience

April 4, 2012 / Guitar, Mychal Gendron, MaryLou Roberts

there were guitarists who grew up playing in ensembles, accompanied violins, flutes, cellos, and felt at ease and confident on stage…of the Suzuki family.” The Search for Student Instruments Unlike violins and cellos, no network of quality guitars in appropriate sizes… Read more



February 8, 2021 / Awards

the 12th Conference in Minneapolis, MN Stan Smith, Aurora Suzuki Violins A Model of Effective Leadership in the Suzuki Community Yuko… Read more

The Rocky Mountain Strings Visit Argentina

The Rocky Mountain Strings Visit Argentina

May 10, 2009 / Argentina, Latin America, Tours, Ramona Stirling

concerto, Michael McLean’s Fandango and his Canon for Four Violins were also part of the repertoire for the tour. As…gave her presentation she asked that we get out our violins and play his music in his home. Her eyes filled…Hotels and ranches we visited had us get out our violins and give our concert. The Argentines are warm, friendly, and… Read more

Going once...going twice...sold!

Going once...going twice...sold!

December 10, 2008 / Conference, Conference 2008, Fundraising, Ruth Engle Larner

Violin Shop Lisle Violin Shop The Sound Post Carriage House Violins Reuning and Son Violins Shar Products Company Michael Becker Fine…Violins Lyon & Healy West D’Addario Barbara Barber Ruben Flores Stan… Read more

From the Executive Director

From the Executive Director

October 8, 2008 / Conference, Conference 2008, Pam Brasch

of Strings, Alfred Music Company, All Strings Attached, Carriage House Violins of Reuning & Son, CICA Violin, Claire Givens Violins, CodaBow International…Music Publishing, Inc., Latham Music, Lyon & Healy Harps, Peter Zaret Violins, Schmitt Music Center, Shar Products Co., Smart Music and Finale… Read more

Music Was Surrounded By Green

Music Was Surrounded By Green

October 8, 2008 / El Salvador, Latin America, Julio Cesar Rodriguez Paredes

in the middle of this landscape, we took out our violins and started playing a few pieces of music and took… Read more

Flute Student News, June 2007

Flute Student News, June 2007

June 12, 2007 / Flute, Students

flutes joined cellos playing Long Long Ago and joined the violins performing Minuets 14 and 16. On their own the flutists…snake formation. The grand finale was the entire ensemble; flutes, violins, violas, celli, and basses, about 170 strong, playing Twinkles in… Read more

Additional Recordings for the Suzuki Violin School

Additional Recordings for the Suzuki Violin School

September 13, 2018 / School, Suzuki, Suzuki Violin, Violin

Motion: Barbara Barber Bach Concerto in D minor for Two Violins: Jose-Luis Garcia & Pinchas Zukerman, David & Igor Oistrakh, Igor Oistrakh… Read more

Four flutes donated to Latin American Suzuki flute projects

Four flutes donated to Latin American Suzuki flute projects

June 19, 2007 / Argentina, Flute, Latin America, Peru

Symphony; he started the youth orchestra project by buying some violins and four cellos with his own money. He has since… Read more

Fundación Gisela: Assisting the Children of the Dominican Republic

Fundación Gisela: Assisting the Children of the Dominican Republic

November 1, 2006 / Dominican Republic, Outreach, Irene Mitchell

the Conservatory of Santo Domingo. Six cellos and twenty-eight violins of various sizes were donated by Suzuki families from the… Read more

More Than a Teacher: A Tribute to Gwen Runyon

More Than a Teacher: A Tribute to Gwen Runyon

January 29, 2006 / Memorial

regularly. Morgan and some of her friends would take their violins, and Gwen would accompany them on the piano to the… Read more

XX International Suzuki Festival, Peru 2005

XX International Suzuki Festival, Peru 2005

May 1, 2005 / Latin America, Peru, Carmen Wise

me photos of young boys in an orphanage happily playing violins and cellos. Caroline then announced that this year the Suzuki… Read more

Interview: Martin Beaver

Interview: Martin Beaver

February 2, 2018 / Conference 2018, Featured Teachers, Interview, Violin, Janis Wittrig

Even before my elder brother and I first picked up violins, there was always plenty of singing in the house and… Read more

From Chicago to Cuba

From Chicago to Cuba

November 9, 2017 / Cuba, International Ensembles, Tours, Edward Kreitman

also performing that day in its original form for two violins and piano. Our third stop on the tour was in… Read more

Latin American Update

Latin American Update

November 1, 2002 / Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Latin America, Peru, Caroline Fraser

stage playing together, from humble recorders to guitars, piano and violins. The teachers stayed at the edge of the stage and… Read more

Walk the Hills, Crawl if Necessary

Walk the Hills, Crawl if Necessary

May 1, 2017 / Articles for Parents, Columns, Suzuki Philosophy, Karen Kubin

s heads turn whenever the children brayed along with the violins in “Characters with Long Ears.” When his sisters started violinRead more

Detroit Youth Volume: Interview with Founder Clara Hardie

Detroit Youth Volume: Interview with Founder Clara Hardie

February 1, 2017 / Featured Teachers, Interview, Local Programs, Outreach, Scholarships, Dan Browning

instrument, regardless of income. At a steep discount, they repair violins donated for full-scholarship students. We purchase music books and…helps me go through inventory when I need decide which violins to keep and which to use for the annual violinRead more

News from the Suzuki Association of Utah

News from the Suzuki Association of Utah

November 1, 2016 / Chapters, News, Newsletter, Suzuki, Stacy Smith

their cello teachers dressed up as Suzuki Pieces! Southern Utah violins, violas and cellos will soon gather for a weekend workshop… Read more

Suzuki Guitar in South America

Suzuki Guitar in South America

May 1, 1995 / Chile, Guitar, Latin America, Peru, Alan Johnston

the MacPhail Cello Choir, the Bach Double Concerto for two violins and orchestra, and of course, my student Neil Pederson’s… Read more

Suzuki Association of Ontario

Suzuki Association of Ontario

February 12, 2016 / Chapters, Suzuki, Nena LaMarre

afternoon concert, which meant that we heard five-piano performances, violins, cellos, flutes, guitars, and harps, as well as three levels… Read more

Buffalo Suzuki Strings in South Africa: Searching for World Harmony through Music

Buffalo Suzuki Strings in South Africa: Searching for World Harmony through Music

February 1, 2016 / International Activities, Local Programs, Music, Suzuki, Tours, Raechele Pope-Namaste, Amy Reynolds-Namaste, Linda Ross

The other passengers waited patiently as the students grabbed their violins and violas from the overhead compartments and began to play… Read more

Suzuki Association of Indiana

Suzuki Association of Indiana

December 15, 2015 / Chapters, Suzuki, Elizabeth Efroymson-Brooks

downtown Indianapolis on Sunday, November 1st.  There were around 30 violins, violas, pianists, and cellists from various Suzuki studios and schools… Read more

The Suzuki Method in South America

The Suzuki Method in South America

November 1, 1992 / Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Latin America, Peru, Suzuki Method, Joseph McSpadden, Marilyn O'Boyle

Latin America. So far Margery Aber has donated 4 small violins to the Peruvian Association. I can continue to put this…slow in coming, but Marjorie Aber’s donation of four violins may inspire other similar efforts. Parents, children, and teachers in… Read more

Adding Bass to Your Program

Adding Bass to Your Program

May 30, 2015 / Bass, Business of Teaching, Local Programs, Pedagogy, Teacher Training, Virginia Dixon

to absolutely ring! If you listen to an orchestra of violins, violas, and cellos, and suddenly a bassist appears, you will… Read more

Starting Again In Chile

Starting Again In Chile

December 1, 1986 / Chile, Latin America, Marilyn O'Boyle

Tongue approach. Now we’re trying to get more small violins. No store carries them in stock but I’m working…lot of pre-violin (box) work, while we wait for violins. We will have our first concert December 5th. The general… Read more

Did you know...?: Suzuki Method Recordings and Digital Downloads

Did you know...?: Suzuki Method Recordings and Digital Downloads

November 14, 2013 / Blog, Did You Know, Repertoire, Suzuki Method, Suzuki Recordings, Libby Felts

A minor, D 821 (F. Schubert/D. Preucil). Duets for Violins The popular book Duets for Violins (0093S) has been updated… Read more

A Special Send Off for WWII Veterans: Barcel Suzuki String Academy Performs for Honor Flights

A Special Send Off for WWII Veterans: Barcel Suzuki String Academy Performs for Honor Flights

September 18, 2013 / Local Programs, Outreach, Students, Suzuki, Renee Riddle

arriving at the airport at 4 a.m., playing our violins for two hours, and extending practice times to learn new…the night to go to the airport and play their violins for two hours straight, it was quashed after our first… Read more

Encuentro Mexicano: The First Mexican National Suzuki Conference

Encuentro Mexicano: The First Mexican National Suzuki Conference

September 18, 2013 / Conference, Espanol, International Activities, International Conferences, Latin America, Mexico, Leslie Mizrahi

all the four hundred participants at the Teatro Juárez: violins, violas, cellos, guitars, flutes, a few pianists, and all the… Read more

Suggested Supplementary Repertoire for Revised Violin Books 6, 7 & 8

Suggested Supplementary Repertoire for Revised Violin Books 6, 7 & 8

June 24, 2013 / Book 6, Book 7, Book 8, Books, Repertoire, Supplementary Repertoire, Violin

Op. 89/Dvorak Sonatina/Schubert Sonatine Bach Concerto for Two Violins 2nd mvt. (both parts in score) Potstock Souvenir de Sarasate…Mozart Sonata in G Major K301 Bach Concerto for Two Violins 3rd mvt. (both parts in score) Brahms Hungarian Dances/Novacek… Read more

¡Viva Suzuki! : How Children Celebrate and Help One Another

¡Viva Suzuki! : How Children Celebrate and Help One Another

June 24, 2013 / Haiti, Institutes, Instrument Donation, Instruments, Orchestra, Laura Seay

took down his first donation of instruments to Haiti. Six violins, one viola and three cellos made the journey from a… Read more

Guest Blog: Thursday and Friday at the 16th World Convention

Guest Blog: Thursday and Friday at the 16th World Convention

March 30, 2013 / 16th Suzuki Method World Convention, Blog, International Conferences, Travel, World Convention, Edward Kreitman

group class. As I was assigned to help tune the violins, I can only report on what was happening in the…gymnasium. My guess is that there were upwards of 2000 violins ranging from Twinkle to Mendelssohn Concerto. All played together and…direction of Michele George, and the group of about 100 violins from the Japan Summer school that performed Michael McLeans’s… Read more

High Notes: Basses are Better!

High Notes: Basses are Better!

December 14, 2012 / Bass, Blog, Instruments, Susan Baer

team, says, “This is really a bass shop that sells violins—and it does a better job of selling violins than… Read more

High Notes: The Case of the Dubious Identity

High Notes: The Case of the Dubious Identity

November 8, 2012 / Bass, Blog, Cello, Guitar, Instruments, Viola, Violin, Susan Baer

produced would have increased the wood’s density, making the violins stronger, and thereby resulting in the superior tone and brilliance…of the Cremonese violins of that period. Over the years, many explanations for the…… Read more

Creating Learning Community Awards 2012

Creating Learning Community Awards 2012

September 1, 2012 / Awards, Conference, Conference 2012, Creating Learning Community, Learning Community

Reit, a Suzuki violin teacher since 1986, founded Vermont Suzuki Violins in her native northwest Vermont in 1993. The organization has… Read more

Guitars Make History at the Conference

Guitars Make History at the Conference

September 1, 2012 / Conference, Conference 2012, Guitar, MaryLou Roberts

Christopher Becknell and written by David Crittendon for guitars and violins. It was good to work together, side by side with… Read more

Bass Rising: An Interview with Nicholas Walker

Bass Rising: An Interview with Nicholas Walker

September 1, 2012 / Bass, Conference, Conference 2012, Interview, Libby Felts

bass player there who’s on equal footing with the violins. His instrument, his role, and his self expression are as… Read more

Suzuki in the Schools Featured Parker Elementary and More!

Suzuki in the Schools Featured Parker Elementary and More!

September 1, 2012 / Conference, Conference 2012, School, Schools, Suzuki in the Schools, Loren Abramson, Patricia Purcell

beginning. Listening is a priority and parents learn to play violins to the level that many play on concerts. Lisa Vosdoganes… Read more

Lansdale, Lewis and Lieb Among Violin Highlights

Lansdale, Lewis and Lieb Among Violin Highlights

September 1, 2012 / Conference, Conference 2012, Violin, Susan Baer

violin education. This interactive session required participants to use their violins, voices, hands, and feet to better understand and appreciate the… Read more

The Rocky Mountain Strings Great Adventure: An Exchange with Suzuki Students in Turnhout, Belgium

The Rocky Mountain Strings Great Adventure: An Exchange with Suzuki Students in Turnhout, Belgium

May 1, 2012 / Belgium, Local Programs, Students, Travel, Deborah Moench, Ramona Stirling

floor.] “The best part is when we get out our violins and share our music with others. The thrill that comes… Read more

A Star for Don

A Star for Don

December 15, 2011 / Conference, Conference 2012, Kaleidoscope Concert, Lucky Stars, Susan Baer

he took on the task himself, establishing Robertson and Sons Violins, first in his garage, then in a small storefront, and…the SAA. In support of these values, Robertson and Sons Violins will sponsor the Kaleidoscope Project, the first phase of which… Read more

Suzuki E-News #41: Parents as Partners Online, Our Suzuki Footprints, Conference Clinicians

Suzuki E-News #41: Parents as Partners Online, Our Suzuki Footprints, Conference Clinicians

December 15, 2011 / Conference, Newsletter, Parents

excited to announce the extraordinary news that Robertson and Sons Violins has offered to be sole sponsor for the entire Kaleidoscope… Read more

In Memoriam: Louise Behrend, 1916-2011

In Memoriam: Louise Behrend, 1916-2011

December 1, 2011 / Memorial, Sheila Keats, Alexander Yudkovsky

in, taking their places on the floor and unpacking their violins. When several had already arrived, a little boy of about… Read more

Strings in Kenya

Strings in Kenya

August 11, 2011 / Africa, Human Interest, Kenya, Outreach, Libby Felts

was to size each student and organize the sixty eight violins, most of which were donated by Shar Music. As it…string). The BLISS Band and Boniface performed, as well. The violins were left to the school as a gift so the…anticipates are keeping up with the demand for larger size violins as the children grow and continuing to supply quality accessories… Read more

Why More People Should Listen to Music

Why More People Should Listen to Music

August 11, 2011 / Students, Suzuki Student Writing Contest, Ellis Miskell

occasionally hear Bach’s Concerto in d minor for Two Violins. Being able to think, Hey! I can play that! is… Read more

Book Review: Frederico, The Mouse Violinist by Mayra Calvani

Book Review: Frederico, The Mouse Violinist by Mayra Calvani

May 25, 2011 / Books, Review, Reviews, Violin, Andrew Blankenship, Benjamin Blankenship, Jennifer Blankenship

play violin, and does. He lives in a workshop where violins are made. This workshop is so special because it’s…is a mouse. He lives in a workshop that makes violins. The workshop is special because Stradivari works there and the… Read more

Side by Side in Harmony: Inner-city school strings in Ireland

Side by Side in Harmony: Inner-city school strings in Ireland

August 11, 2011 / Ireland, School, Joanne Martin

starting a string program, she loads her car up with violins (on loan from the National Concert Hall of Ireland) and…Europe who were accomplished violinists, but whose parents cannot afford violins or lessons. She has left a violin in the principal…given dowels and sponges (for violin holds), then later, box violins, on which they learn the basics of posture and rhythm… Read more

Senior Strings

Senior Strings

August 11, 2011 / Human Interest, Teaching Adults, Violin, Jentry Barrett

in January as I came into the classroom carrying “their” violins. Class tuition covered violin rental, a shoulder rest, and the… Read more

A Joyful Journey: Suzuki Association of Utah's Celebration VIII

A Joyful Journey: Suzuki Association of Utah's Celebration VIII

May 25, 2011 / Chapters, Local Programs, Libby Felts

a third of the students spill into the auditorium seats. Violins are by far dominant in numbers; the harpists and pianists…that venue, and all those choir seats are filled with violins.” Preparations began at least two years in advance for Celebration… Read more

Latin American Update: News from Peru

Latin American Update: News from Peru

May 25, 2011 / Latin America, Peru, Caroline Fraser

been donated by the SAA and Donald Robertson of Robertson Violins, with the support of Ruth Engle Larner. Maylin Pre Kong… Read more

Suzuki Community Mourns the Loss of Leader and Mentor, John Kendall

Suzuki Community Mourns the Loss of Leader and Mentor, John Kendall

March 25, 2011 / Memorial, Trainers, Violin

students of Shinichi Suzuki, playing the Bach Concerto for two violins. Impressed and curious, Mr. Kendall applied for and received a… Read more

An Exciting Extra: Recollections on an International Suzuki Exchange

An Exciting Extra: Recollections on an International Suzuki Exchange

March 25, 2011 / Switzerland, Kathleen Spring

ever. My kids swiftly used their ponchos to protect their violins in the rain as we made it to the host… Read more

Musicalis Ars Suzuki: A Suzuki Method Experience in Colombia

Musicalis Ars Suzuki: A Suzuki Method Experience in Colombia

September 21, 2010 / Colombia, Latin America, Suzuki Method, Eric Daniel Sanchez Mejia

Camerata Iuventutis Ars Suzuki.” In the beginning, we only had violins and cello, but now we have two flutes—a student… Read more

Suzuki E-News #29: Parents as Partners, John Kendall, Board Corner, Ask the Experts

Suzuki E-News #29: Parents as Partners, John Kendall, Board Corner, Ask the Experts

January 11, 2011 / Ask the Experts, Board, John Kendall, Newsletter, Parents

students of Shinichi Suzuki, playing the Bach Concerto for two violins. Impressed and curious, Mr. Kendall applied for and received a… Read more

Play Your Music Like You Live Your Life

Play Your Music Like You Live Your Life

December 17, 2010 / Local Programs, Cecilia McDonnell

bigger than hockey in Montreal!” A symphony of voices and violins then united with the audience to lovingly salute and serenade… Read more

Suzuki E-News #47: Conference Pictures, World Convention in Japan

Suzuki E-News #47: Conference Pictures, World Convention in Japan

June 13, 2012 / Conference, Conference 2012, Japan, Newsletter, Picture, Suzuki, World Convention

Antonio Strad Violin Azumi Flutes & Jupiter Flutes Cedarmont Woodworking Clemens Violins, Violas and Violoncellos L.C. Codabow International Creative Ability Development…Lyon & Healy Harps Music Mind Games Peter Zaret and Sons Violins Shar Music Simply Violin Southwest Strings Suzuki Violin Co., Ltd… Read more

Reflections on Attending the 25th Annual Suzuki Festival of Lima, Peru

July 25, 2010 / Latin America, Peru, Student Perspectives, David Antonio Morales Boroff

walls) and ran up and down the stairs with their violins and violas, shouting and yelling in a fervor of ecstatic…for orchestra rehearsal were equally great. Most of the first violins were from Bolivia, and all of them were staying at…which consisted of teachers from different Latin American countries—four violins, two cellos, a piano, guitar, and two singers. We were… Read more

2007 Scholarship Recipients

December 31, 2007 / Scholarships

NY)—Shar Products Wendy Clymer (CA)—Peter Zaret and Sons Violins Inc. Daniel Gee (NY)—J. D’Addario & Co. Inc. Leah… Read more

2006 Scholarship Recipients

November 1, 2006 / Scholarships

Hunter Memorial Scholarship Samara Humbert (OR)—Peter Zaret and Sons Violins Inc. Marie Olsen (UT)—David Einfeldt Memorial Scholarship Violin: Maria… Read more

Latin American Update

Latin American Update

July 25, 2010 / Latin America, Peru, Caroline Fraser

made across the continent (thank you, SKYPE): “How many first violins do you have? Can you confirm how many children are… Read more

2008 Scholarship Recipients

December 10, 2008 / Scholarships

String Centre Luciana De Araujo Caixeta (OH)—Peter Zaret & Sons Violins, Inc. Elsa Beatriz Castro (Argentina) Urska Haule Fegus (NJ)—CodaBow… Read more

My Suzuki Training Get-Away Vacation

February 1, 2003 / Teacher Development, Becky Mitchum

training there, I was to see inspired children practicing their violins beneath the ancient, gnarled trees. I would wonder how many…sheltered, and was this the first time they had heard violins played by children? Internet photos had shown me E&H… Read more


Kontras Chamber Music Workshop: Cello, Viola, Violin, Sunday, June 20 to Friday, June 25, , 2021

this course should be in book 6 or above for violins, and late book 4 and above for violas and celli… Read more

Valene Goldenberg

Valene Goldenberg

Pirates A-Hoy: a Violin Musical,” a choreographed musical for violins (instead of voices), that includes 2 main characters on solo… Read more

Piano Concerto / International Ensembles Concert 2006 DVD

the Arts Violin Ensemble Concerto in d minor for Two Violins: III. Allegro, Johann Sebastian Bach Ave Maria, Schubert—Wilhelm Concerto… Read more

Gabrielle Lorenc

Gabrielle Lorenc

the Nashville Philharmonic Orchestra, works part-time at Williams Fine Violins, enjoys playing both the violin and cello, as well as… Read more

Maria-Rosa Germain

Maria-Rosa Germain

s husband Glenn is a collector and restorer of fine violins based in Madison, Wisconsin. Maria-Rosa’s workbooks are available… Read more

Nikki Routman Ebisu

Nikki Routman Ebisu

student was selected to perform Bach’s Concerto for 2 Violins in D minor alongside violinist Midori in a sold-out… Read more

Valerie Malvinni

Valerie Malvinni

violins…and operate Santa Barbara Stringed Instruments which sells and rents violins, violas, cellos, doublebasses and guitars.… Read more

Thomas Wm Schoen

Thomas Wm Schoen

chamber, and orchestral musician, performing on both modern and baroque violins. He subbed regularly with the Edmonton Symphony, has played with… Read more

Martha Bruce Ellerman

Martha Bruce Ellerman

a vibrant Suzuki Violin Community. Actively involved in Vermont Suzuki Violins since beginning the violin at age six, she was fortunate… Read more

Katherine Wiley

Katherine Wiley

won a competition to perform the Bach Concerto for Two Violins with Midori and the Winston-Salem Symphony on their Classical… Read more

Brittany Peterson

Brittany Peterson

is the Executive Director and a Principal Player in Uptown Violins. She has taught lessons for twelve years to ages ranging…her own studio’s music camps every summer with Uptown Violins. Brittany studied under violinist Chee-Yun Kim at Southern Methodist…plays various works in her small-ensemble music business, “Uptown Violins”. She plays on both acoustic and electric instruments and is… Read more

Victoria Wolf Lewis

Victoria Wolf Lewis

Eilon Violin Mastercourse (Israel). She has served as Principal Second Violins and Assistant Concertmaster of the Columbia University Orchestra, as well… Read more

Pamela Reit

Pamela Reit

the Burlington, Vermont, area in 1992 and began Vermont Suzuki Violins, Inc, which provides community Suzuki group classes and an advanced… Read more

Lisa Lederer

Lisa Lederer

Ms. Lederer owns and is the Director of Cambridge Suzuki Violins, which is located at the Cambridge Music Consortium in Cambridge… Read more

Allison Peterson

Allison Peterson

styles for various concerts and events under the name Uptown Violins of Wichita. Allison along with teaching her own children is… Read more

Kerri Parr

Kerri Parr

area as a Co-Founder and Principal violinist with Uptown Violins. She has taught violin lessons for eleven years to ages… Read more

Maya Shih

Maya Shih

piano and their three daughters filling the roles of two violins and a cello.  Additionally, Maya has taught violin lessons for… Read more

Julie Lawrence

Julie Lawrence

with the Ashland Symphony performing Bach’s Concerto for Two Violins in D Minor, BWV 1043 alongside Ann Arbor Symphony concertmaster… Read more

Meghan Coil

Meghan Coil

make arrangements. Please note that new students will not need violins right away and in fact will learn correct posture habits… Read more

Bogdan Berindean

Bogdan Berindean

playing Mozart Violin Concerto no. 1, Vivaldi Concerto for Three Violins, Mozart Sinfonia Concertante for Violin and Viola, and Vivaldi Concerto…for Four Violins, and also Perrysburg Symphony Orchestra playing Vivaldi Concerto for Three…Violins. Mr. Berindean graduated with a Master’s degree in ViolinRead more

Chloe Ross

Chloe Ross

has been featured as a spotlight violinist on the Cox Violins Website… Read more

Alex Jimbo Viteri

Alex Jimbo Viteri

Mintz to perform with him the Bach:Concerto for Two Violins in D Minor, BWV 1043 with the National Symphony Orchestra… Read more

Humouresque Violin Duet

June 24, 2020 / Book 3, Duets, Duo, Repertoire, Violin

it came from Marianne Rygner’s book Fun for Two Violins, which covered most of the Suzuki pieces. The book is… Read more

Mixed ensemble with guitar?

July 9, 2019 / Ensembles, Guitar

volume control… In our groups we sometimes have guitars and violins together; we also have to teach our violinists to be…with the Bach suite for flute and orchestra, where the violins mostly double the solo flute part. If the guitarist(s…and have fun! Grace Wong My Suzuki Honors Ensemble (4 violins, 2 violas, 1 cello and 1 bass) combined with the… Read more

Pre-Twinklers recital participation

March 3, 2019 / Recital

ideas? I thought of adapting the Twinkle Concerto used for violins, but maybe you all have some better ideas! TIA! Lori… Read more

A funny thing

January 18, 2018

I realized that in a rush, I had tuned our violins slightly sharp. My kid has absolute pitch, so instead of… Read more

Question for Viola Teachers/Parents

September 19, 2018 / Viola

only! THANKS! I have started students on 1/10 size violins strung as violas. Maybe even 1/16 a time or…His first two instruments were 1/10 and 1/8 violins, then he switched to an 11″ viola and now plays…and heard a variety of little violas (and re-strung violins) played by the students as well as the teachers. It… Read more

Traveling in Japan (staying at AirBnB)

September 4, 2018 / Japan

that Japan is probably “used” to having children traveling with violins all the time.. but just in case. Any thoughts on… Read more

Need help to find a 3/4 size cello for the conference

May 22, 2016 / Cello, Conference

Fein Violin in St. Paul? Thank you so much! Fein Violins is going to make it happen!!! Awesome! This is my… Read more

Mimi Zweig - The Ants Song?

September 30, 2020 / Cello, Composers, Lyrics, Pre-Twinkle, Viola, Violin

the “Eek! Eek! Eek!” version come into the picture (for violins)…? ~ ~ ~ www… Read more

Recommendations for 4/4 Violin for mom to practice with son

June 28, 2016 / Practice, Violin

teacher is wonderful but is not familiar with cheaper brand violins. We also live in a small town so the violin…needing to be changed out in order for make cheaper violins be playable. Does anyone have a brand to recommend? I…take someone with you who can play well/knows about violins. We got an awesome 3/4 violin for my daughter… Read more

Keeping up practice/lesson on a year travelling

June 8, 2017

mine backpacked in Scotland for over a month with their violins. The boys were in books 5 and 7. They rented…periods of time and you decide not to take the violins along, you might be able to just do extra listening… Read more

Violin Note Reading, Scales and Arpeggios?

June 30, 2018 / Arpeggio, Note Reading, Scales, Violin

Play the chord progression (I-V-I) (arpeggio style for violins) Play first piece in book 1 in key of the… Read more

The Violin: A Cross Between Art and Technology

February 4, 2014 / Art, Technology

a few good links about violin making and the greatest violins: The Violin: A Cross Between Art and Technology… Read more

cello buy

February 9, 2017 / Cello

lived and taught in Utah, really liked cellos from Potter Violins, encouraged my students to buy from them, cellos were shipped… Read more

Invitation to all Canadian Suzuki Schools: a composition to celebrate Canada 150!

August 12, 2017 / Canada, Composition, New Composition, O Canada, String Pieces, Suzuki

Institut Suzuki Montreal (Dragan Djerkic) Ottawa Suzuki Music Rideau Falls Violins (Laura Nerenberg) Suzuki Talent Education of Waterloo Oakville Suzuki Association… Read more

Is there a revised suzuki viola Cd?

April 13, 2016 / Suzuki, Viola

can all play at once, together, as a group. The violins just have to go down 1 string. . . . .Whew! I believe… Read more

Piano Book 1 Accompaniment

November 22, 2016 / Accompaniment, Book 1, Piano, Piano Accompaniment Books

pianists from grades 1-12 playing solos accompanied by 4 violins and 3 cellos. A great success & in our worrisome world… Read more

Where and what 1/32 violin to get?

March 26, 2015 / Violin I called in and you can set up payments…Vision or Dominant Strings on it. Gliga, online. http://www.violins…32 when they have finished with it so far. The violins are so tiny and cute, and build up such a…totally suitable for chubby fingers. Do Suzuki still make tiny violins? I have one between 1/32 and 1/16 which… Read more

Mexico City 1/8 size violin rentals?

July 13, 2014 / Mexico, Violin

and found it impossible at that time to rent any violins or cellos. I have a Suzuki colleague that teaches there… Read more

Music notes coloring pages for students

January 7, 2015 / Students

the music section. I just printed out many of the violins as coloring sheets for my youngest students are they were… Read more

Classical Guitar (newbie questions)

March 9, 2016 / Guitar

in a smaller guitar for the next size up (like violins)? How long does a guitar fit a child? Is it… Read more

Supplemental Repertoire

March 3, 2016 / Repertoire, Supplementary Repertoire

I also love Samuel Applebaum’s “Beautiful Music for Two Violins.” The violin parts aren’t terribly difficult but still is…in 1st position. B minor is an easy key for violins to play in and is different from most of our… Read more

Theme from Witches Dance

September 4, 2015 / Dance

a jump with a cry of “Hey!” with bows and violins in the air (arms up, legs apart). Just as I… Read more

Book 1 Piano: Learning by imitation on sight or identifying notes himself?

November 17, 2016 / Book 1, Learning, Piano

footstool (we don’t have little pianos—like the little violins) Parent jobs during practice are to keep the position and… Read more

Bach Double

April 18, 2014 / Bach, Revised Edition, Violin

version and have a question about the Concerto for Two Violins. In measure 12 of the “old version” there is a… Read more

Overseas with Viola on Condor Airlines?

February 25, 2016 / Travel, Viola

your instrument must go in the hold” or sometimes (recently) “violins are allowed if there is space in the overhead bins… Read more

Pre-Twinkle Parents buy instrument before starting study

December 12, 2015 / Parents, Pre-Twinkle

way. (Actually, a carpenter friend of mine made me “pretend violins” out of balsa wood and I use these in place…they could already “play.” Both kids strongly resisted the box violins, since they had already had access to real ones. I…took the violins and had the kids just work with the bow for… Read more

Need ideas

March 4, 2016 / Ideas

class is over, so they’re not paying for two violins. I’m hoping to start a parent class in the… Read more

Teeny 3 year old

March 21, 2013

graduating” from their box. I got them fitted for real violins last week and they both got 1/32 size. For…suzuki [javascript protected email address] Try Robertson Violins in Albuquerque. They do ship, but I don’t know…are. Good luck! There are 1/64 violins. YES! You can Absolutely rent or buy a 1/64th… Read more

Suzuki teacher looking for feedback

November 12, 2013

be even more helpful for children just starting with smaller violins. I am a bit wary of having a child get…m wondering how this can be customised as some small violins have different neck lengths. When I have run through my… Read more

Information wanted about a Elza E. Tungate Violin

Information wanted about a Elza E. Tungate Violin

December 8, 2013 / Violin

What I’m interested in is if he made many violins, the one I purchased is very nice quality. I haven…have the jigs he used to make that and other violins. We thought we had two of his violins but the…the Francois Guillmont shop. I don’t know how many violins Elza made and I don’t know if he kept…but we have several letters from people that bought his violins and loved them. I am thrilled you have one. The… Read more

Suzuki Violin #1 (book & cd)

December 11, 2015 / Suzuki, Violin

the person already has plenty of knowledge and exposure to violins, like Dr. Suzuki was brought up in a violin factory… Read more

Good Place to buy a violin

November 11, 2014 / Violin

the entire outfit? Well, you mentioned not liking Chinese-made violins, but in that budget range, I’m pretty sure all…bought many), most are decent-to-excellent, vintage John Juzek violins and violas—mostly well outside your student’s budget range… 2- Robertson and Sons ( They… Read more

Looking for a bit of starting insight.

March 3, 2016 / Learning, Unconventional, Viola, Violin

contacted them about walking in and trying one of their violins; they said it’s fine. I don’t believe they… Read more

Strings Methods Class

January 3, 2014

of rental limitations, we will have 3 cellos and 3 violins total, for the entire semester. Halfway through the semester, students… Read more

Graduation Awards

March 12, 2014 / Awards, Graduation

alto clef for my violists or treble clef for the violins. I’ve had students come back years later and tell… Read more

shoulder rest suggestion for violinist

shoulder rest suggestion for violinist

November 2, 2013 / Shoulder Rest, Violin

am researching is something form the company that I purchase violins from for my students the HOX from China of course…to fit the chin rest as well because most student violins are set up with the standard Guarneri style model. Often… Read more

relocating with young string players

July 26, 2011 / Cello, Violin

1 young cellist. I have purchased two student 4/4-violins from two different violin shops here where I still live…to accumulate from the rental fees. I can use my violins as trade-in credit toward the purchase of a 1…genres than a cello. But I also know that inexpensive violins are more readily available. I should mention our new area…are terribly popular (band is the rage). Any thoughts? Knapp violins is a great place to rent violins & cellos on line… Read more

Instrument donations

May 17, 2015 / Charity, Instrument Donation, Viola, Violin

in Allentown, PA. Another in Philly. Most manufacturers of student violins seem to have no vision for the needs of urban…string programs. Most of them want to donate full size violins to students who don’t exist because there are such…few opportunities for under served families to find either affordable violins in small sizes or qualified instruction in their communities. It…to appear from these communities ready to play full size violins. Even to obtain a near affordable purchase price for say… Read more

Current music with classical music among the students.

July 5, 2013 / Childrens Activities, Group Lessons, Students

recognizes and loves. It keeps them coming back to their violins, willingly. We only use up lesson time when we hit… Read more

Duets with students

May 15, 2013 / Students

challenged. I also have used a Telemann Concerto for Four Violins in D Major that has worked out very well. We… Read more

Is it normal to take over a year for suzuki violin book 1?

February 19, 2015 / Book 1, Progress Rate, Suzuki, Suzuki Violin, Violin

private Suzuki teacher, we didn’t practice—just used the violins at school, twice a week. Once we got a private…teacher and bought them their own violins, we listened every day and practiced 5 days a week… Read more

Teaching ideas from a school violin program

May 7, 2013 / Box Violin, El Sistema, Group Lessons, Ideas, Pre-Instrument, School, Suzuki in the Schools, Teaching, Violin, Violin Program

ALL the students learn violin! They start by making “paper violins” (from cardboard, but violin shaped) with parent or older student…box violin). I think the continual building on their paper violins shows their progress and contributes to their understanding that they…are getting closer to getting the real violins (albeit very slow progress), so they maintain interest. They look…another link to a local newspaper article about the paper violins (which, as Barb noted, are the first step towards real… Read more

Traveling with a violin

November 2, 2013 / Instrument Rentals, Travel, Violin

the place you purchased the violin. Potters, for example, mails violins all the time. So does Robertson. Find out how they… Read more

Response to Mark O'Connor's 'Say It Ain't So, Shin'ichi Suzuki'

February 6, 2015

the mistake of thinking Dr Suzuki was all about selling violins. In fact when I first met him in 1967 at…Manhattan, I told him we couldn’t get very small violins in Melbourne, Australia. He looked at me with no comprehension…so very bad if he had been trying to sell violins? The use of the word ‘guardian’ to describe Einstein’s…visited my home and showed me four of your wonderful violins. They even invited me to keep one of my choosing… Read more

Listening importance in later books

September 14, 2013 / Books, Listening

be ok in an orchestra where there are lots of violins to hide in, but not in a chamber group where… Read more

Kerstin Wartberg - Suzuki Method pioneer in Germany

March 3, 2016 / Europe, Germany, Suzuki Method

website. Volume 1 includes a fun “Irish Fiddler for 3 Violins” Folk Tune and a lullaby from Humerdinck, “Evening Prayer”. Volume…well as “Hungarian Dance #5″ from Brahms, each for 2 violins and piano. It mentions that there is a Recital Training… Read more

Menuhin and Oistrakh performance of Bach Double

July 1, 2012 / Bach, Performance

2012/07/01/the-listeners-club-bachs-concerto-for-two-violinsRead more

Where to get Foamalin?

October 8, 2014

state “colors may vary”). One advantage over the cherub cardboard violins is that the foam ones come in different sizes, whereas…the box violins seem to only come in “1/16th” lengths. One possible… Read more

Help, Keeping my cool and staying positive during practice

July 16, 2013 / Practicing

it. I have a practice rule: “No leaking on the violins.” (The term “leaking” came from a Transformers Animated episode in… Read more

Bringing Viola on Long-Haul Flight

March 23, 2013 / Viola

really snug and safe (for now). When he uses larger violins, I’ll probably think to put it all well sandwiched… Read more

Violin for sale

August 30, 2011 / For Sale, Violin

I have different size high quality violins (rare wood) for sale. Please check:… Read more

is there a violin charity?

February 24, 2011 / Charity, Violin

Is there an organization for people to donate violins to those who can’t afford them? I have a… Read more

need 1/32 violin

October 15, 2012 / Violin

are as follows: K500 from Howard Core SAGA SV-50 (this one is 1/16… I contacted SAGA when you mentioned… Greetings! There is a violin shop… He will probably have grown considerably by now but… Read more

Violin shop in Vancouver, BC

December 4, 2013 / Distance Learning, Instrument Care, Looking for a Teacher, Violin

would love to know about instrument stores that have available violins for sale and rentals. I’m new to Vancouver and…a store in West Vancouver. Their Canadian website is www.violins…ca. I’ve been there and they have really nice violins. I used to order Gliga violins for my students from… Read more


April 30, 2010

how nice they sound. The tone and workmanship on these violins are exceptional for the price, particularly for the fractional size…violins. They have a sweet voice, and are easy to play…difference after the additional work), less so for the larger violins—but I’m not sure if this is because of…a good time for my daughter to try out different violins to see which one she preferred. I know the Gliga… Read more

Violin for violists

May 8, 2012 / Violin

drop the viola either, but she drooled over her friends’ violins. Betsy Stuen-Walker has published a terrific book that my…in weight. The bow is also lighter. Fractional violas and violins are similar enough in size that she doesn’t have… Read more

How to Get Started Again after a Break

December 4, 2013

One family flew off to another city and forgot their violins in the rush. That mom went to the local violin…shop and rented two violins for the 4 days they were in the other town… Read more

buying a violin

August 30, 2012 / Violin

who is currently in book 5. We have always rented violins from our local strings store, but it is clear that…our local strings store has a fairly limited selection of violins. We were given recommendations for Carriage House and Johnson Strings…child is only at a 1/2 size. And which violins would you recommend and what should we be spending to…worth the effort. One company even approached me with their violins. As I am astring teacher I expanded the options to… Read more

For Sale: Student & fractional violin outfits

April 12, 2012 / For Sale, Violin Dear Connie~ My thoughts and prayers…I teach piano, otherwise I’d be looking at your violins : / Lori Bolt… Read more

1/4 Gliga GAMA Professional

1/4 Gliga GAMA Professional

July 20, 2011 / For Sale, Violin

a national competition on it. We tried out a dozen violins before settling on this Gliga. Local stores wanted $1200-$1600… Read more

dowel rod child violin bow

dowel rod child violin bow

December 7, 2013 / Bow, Violin

Christensen Music Teacher & Writer Andrew Bovington Pre Violins. I’m starting my beginners on these. They are developed… Read more

1/32 for 4yr 4 mos girl?

November 2, 2013 / Injury Prevention, Instrument Size, Violin

and two 5 small year old students on 1/32 violins. I too have seen age recommendations like the ones you…also have had 4 and 5 yo in 1/32 violins. I agree with Melanie: the age recommendations are very misleading…size recommendation without seeing the child (and perhaps a couple violins). A good amount of my Book 1 training was spent…the size of your foot? It is the same with violins, except where a parent may choose to let a child… Read more

keeping first violin

July 3, 2011 / Violin

with wood). She has hung all of her daughter’s violins on the wall in her music room. This way all… Read more

Halloween Duets / Christmas Duets ?

October 22, 2008 / Halloween

good books or just pieces for halloween, duets for 2 violins about Book 1-2 standard ? Also some lively duets for…violin and viola or 2 violins for christmas ? Thanks! I really don’t know about Halloween… Chamber Music—Easier Duets http://beststudentviolins… I bet some of the Bartok… Read more

Corelli La Folia orchestra accompaniment?

Corelli La Folia orchestra accompaniment?

September 17, 2012 / Accompaniment, Orchestra, Violin

Download No. 33: Arcangelo Corelli, LA Folia Arranged for Three Violins by Kerstin Wartberg Short description: Violin 1: You can use… Read more

Trouble With Reading Music/Fingerboard Tapes

August 25, 2014 / Board, Reading

to play by listening he should be able to switch violins without the safety net. I would be careful if you… Read more

Long term exposure to loudness

November 14, 2007 / Hard of Hearing, Hearing

always like kids to stay with the smaller of two violins if there is a choice. Some violins sound really loud…in your left ear, but do not project. Other violins sound pleasant in your left ear but do project. Violins…sizes of violin, and also on the fact that some violins do have a beautiful voice as well as being able… Read more

Accompaniment for piano songs

June 1, 2011 / Accompaniment, Piano, Sheet Music, Songs That’s true, but we’re…i know there’s a great deal of that for violins and cellos… but there must be SOMETHING for the piano… Read more

Large Suzuki class

January 22, 2011

chose to pay for the lessons, rent or buy the violins, and had the dedication to spend all the hours with…I am lucky enough to have a classroom set of violins. After reading about El Sistema over the summer, I decided…school who come in asking “Do we get to do violins today?” week after week. It has been a thrill and…him. A mother told me her daughters had asked for violins for Christmas. The hoodlum who had to be dragged kicking… Read more

Looking for Duet part: Lully Gavotte

January 7, 2007

includes Lully Gavotte, but the 3-volume “Fun for 2 Violins” series has duet parts for many many pieces. Laurel I…have Fun For 2 Violins volumes 1 and 2 and Lully’s Gavotte is not…3. I have all three of the Rygner Fun for Violins, and I have the Lully duet….so it must be… Read more

small violas and their strings?

April 20, 2012 / Instrument Size, Viola

small ensemble with mostly middle schoolers, I sometimes give the violins and violas melodies and simple harmonies in both alto and…It works, and we’re now using Shar Hoffman Etude violins down to 1/8th size, with hole-in-the-heart…sell the fractional sizes. Have you tried For violins under 1/8 size, I put another D string on… Read more

Contemporary Music - Examples of Suzuki songs

September 22, 2013 / Songs, Supplementary Activities and Materials

improvised version of the Bach Concerto in D- for 2 violins (Double), plus some other Suzuki pieces in their own style… Read more

Sitting or standing during practice, does it matter?

April 20, 2010

cellists, harpists, etc. Ensembles that consist of only upper strings (violins and violas) generally stand (e.g., standing is standard for… Read more

String Swing - love!

June 11, 2011 / Accessories, Violin

she’s used those hooks to hang up the little violins for sentimental display. Just like you’d hang up family…I’m looking for someone that make a drawer for violins to rest in a foam cradel. I would want it… Read more

Can't find cello small enough

June 11, 2013 / Cello 505-889-2999 Good luck! Thank…violins…fix itself all on its own. I shop at Perrin Violins in Baltimore. They were the ones that got the 1… Read more

Suzuki violin playdate

December 1, 2010 / Violin

would be quite a challenge. they both started learning the violins recently. I am sure the little boy will be more… Read more

Suzuki in Cuenca, Ecuador

August 3, 2012 / Ecuador

let you know. My girls and I are playing our violins at a restaurant tomorrow just for fun… Read more

my daughter could be left handed

March 8, 2011

move five fingers independently on the left hand, there are violins sold in a “mirror image” to the norm that are… Read more

Introducing music early in public schools

September 18, 2011 / School

the Suzuki-in-the-schools type violin lessons with provided violins for a short time before the parents needed to rent… Read more

Upgrade violin?

April 24, 2010 / Violin

and is on book 4. Students respond to higher quality violins and it will enhance their learning and self expression. Also…violinsRead more

Hello, I am a new Suzuki Parent

March 13, 2007

professional” :D but hearing them having such fun with their violins was music to my ears. There is a weekend workshop… Read more

What do you need most?

April 12, 2011

talking about here? There are plenty of full-length “pocket” violins—but they might be expensive for what you’re thinking…of. These are sometimes called “pochette”, “chette”, or “kit” violins. Basically full length of string and fingerboard, but skinny. There…a 3/4 size violin. I’ve noticed those “kit violins” (e.g., from wipLstix and Lark in the Morning). They…about seeing if I could get something like these practice violins in a 3/4 size, or make one myself. The… Read more

Should my 11 year old daughter take a break

September 24, 2013 / Practicing

with some friends. I used to drool over Fender electric violins and best thing for me then was when I got… Read more

Practicing over vacation?

November 4, 2008 / Practicing

away on vacation, i.e. travelling. Do you take the violins on the plane and practice in the hotel rooms? Do…Melissa I try to urge my students to bring their violins with them on vacation (especially if they are visiting family… Read more

Converting a violin to a viola

August 5, 2011 / Injury Prevention, Instrument Size, Viola, Violin

even 1/16 sizes, actually make a sound unlike restring violins whose C strings sound like a rubber band. “When love…had success re-stringing 1/2 and 3/4 size violins—in short, the main problem is not that the C…finding really nice sounding small violas is to contact Stein violins in Elmhurst, IL. They do not have a website, but…just do not want to run with the pack of violins and be a bit unique. But the power of peer… Read more

A Question for my Bilingual Colleagues

August 9, 2011 / Language Other Than English, Words

Due indeed to a big and successful Suzuki concert with violins and flutes we did in the afternoon; very nice, very… Read more

Rapid progress in 20 minutes a day

Rapid progress in 20 minutes a day

September 19, 2012 / Practicing

hangers so that my daughter and I could have our violins hung on the old piano ready to grab and play…practices. Only on the day I need to take the violins with me to work to be ready for our afternoon…class with our teacher do the violins get put into their cases. Please see the 3 photos…of the violins in our living room and how well they hang on… Read more

Leave instruments out?

April 9, 2006 / Instruments

perhaps more practicing. Anything to encourage practicing. We leave our violins (3 in all) on top of the piano. My 5…too hectic to spend all that time setting up their violins and replacing them every day! We leave a cello and… Read more

Vio Strap

August 19, 2011 / Accessories, Adapted Instruments, Setup, Shoulder Rest, Viola, Violin

like it would be fantastic for these very heavy electric violins. I saw a viola player about 30 years ago using… Read more

How fast/slow should a teacher go?

March 8, 2013 / Teachers

5 and now she is playing Bach Concerto for two violins. My daughter is finding the piece difficult. I have concern… Read more

Stage fright in 7 year old

May 26, 2009

classmates… and he has played with his cousins on their violins a time or two. We rehearsed going on stage and… Read more

Fractional Violin Sounds

November 19, 2006 / Violin

how large are they when they start sounding like real violins? If there is a such thing as a “really good…on end. I have been very pleased with Scott Cao violins, even at the 1/16 size.…good one, that is only relative to other 1/16 violins… but it will pretty much still sound small. From observing…expert by any means. There are some better sounding small violins, but it ranges across a number of different varieties: we… Read more

Scale Books

August 16, 2011 / Books, Sheet Music It…1st to third position, and for 5th and 7th for violins. Viola has 1st, 3rd and 5th , and reading treble cleff… I probably was unclear above— The… Read more

buying a tiny violin

May 27, 2007 / Violin

to check them out (I’ve had bad experiences receiving violins by mail), I’d like to know if this is…I use the following for my students: The smallest is a 1/16. Free Handouts… I’ve heard that stringworks has…that covers any damage with no deductible. All of the violins in our house are covered under the one policy. My… Read more

Group Class/Studio Offerings - Long

September 16, 2007

We’re also doing a non-Suzuki piece for three violins. Problem is, attendance/attitude is beginning to be a problem…of many sports teams taking my students away from their violins! Not that I have a problem with sports. But it… Read more

Step by Step Book 4

February 22, 2011 / Book 4

vol. 4, No. 7: Johann Sebastian Bach Concerto for 2 Violins in D Minor BWV 1043, 1st Movement, Violin 2 ** Slow… Read more

Accepting a new violin (4yo)

April 12, 2007 / Violin

he’s barely two, I am also considering buying two violins in different sizes. That way my older son can select… Read more

which instrument would you choose? violin vs cello

July 6, 2010 / Cello, Violin

look after the instrument, so that would save you time. Violins are so portable, easy to go busking, and can travel…i am glad because can you imagine transporting 3 cellos!!! Violins are so hard on the ear when they first start… Read more

Maybe I just need some encouragement....

October 15, 2010

twinkle variation each day doing this. I find often drooping violins are just due to the arm/shoulder being tired. As…to squirt the teacher/parent. This usually fixes any drooping violins! Good luck… Read more

relative practice days for book 1

July 3, 2010 / Book 1

in the violin version (I seem to recall that the violins don’t get to do shifting until later….) Anyway, that… Read more

cello chair

December 3, 2009 / Cello

E. Colorado Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91105 626-793-4730 Benning Violins: 11340 Ventura Blvd. Studio City, CA 91604 818-762-1374… Read more

perfect pitch training

November 5, 2010

over 88 keys rather 5 notes, as it does on violins. So when working over a narrow range of notes such… Read more

how early to start music lesson?

March 8, 2011

child is not “constrained” to a chair! You can get violins as small as 1/32 or 1/64—perfect for… Read more

Very independent 5 yr old

August 12, 2009

small students don’t like their parents to set their violins or even touch them at all. They will let the…those students I teach how to put up their own violins and set their own bowholds as soon as possible. Children… Read more

Violin Cases to Grow With

December 15, 2006 / Violin Free Handouts for Music Teachers & Students: http… That is the one I am… you could do it if you…purchased our case sold some velvety-foamy inserts. Because some violins are narrower than others they carry these items. If they… Read more

how to keep 2 year olds interested in practicing the violin?

September 8, 2010 / Practicing, Violin

finished and bow blanks are not weapons) Once the real violins were introduced, they already knew how to care for them… Read more

Private lesson dilemma

January 12, 2010

a bit with my students as they’re getting their violins ready, rosining their bows etc. But once we bow it… Read more

Adding viola?

April 17, 2007 / Viola

students in the area who play viola, but tons of violins. Will learning alto clef confuse her? Because of time (and…the group she would probably be put in the first violins, but if she offers to play viola she will be… Read more

Probably Leaving Job

April 25, 2009 Well, Like I said before, I… Here is another story for additional…teach them to read music by playing it on their violins right away because I want my students to have great…start reading the notes out loud (mostly away from their violins) from their “I Can Read Music” Volume 1 Book at… Read more

Why is Suzuki right for the advanced student-bk6 and up?

July 20, 2008

of Michael McLean’s pieces or Vivaldi Concerto for Four Violins. They also want to still play games at group like…special pieces we do—McLean Tangos, Vivaldi Concerto for 4 violins, etc. But, they are NOT excited about doing book 5… Read more

discolored bow hair

July 9, 2007 / Bow Hope that helps! Zada Rehairing the bow… I have an older child who…every year. The problem is that with the children’s violins, a bow rehair is $26.00 here (in rural Texas… If you’re going to try… Read more

Bow structure

October 30, 2006 / Bow

recently have been looking at some rental violins for a student who is moving up to the next… Read more

Question about Book 4 Violin CD's

October 27, 2008 / Book 4, Violin

Vivaldi It also does not have the Concerto for Two Violins, 1st Movement by Bach on this CD. Why is this… Read more

What skills should a student in book 5 know?

June 4, 2009 / Book 5, Books, Students

starters: When do you teach students to tune their own violins? (Prerequisite to tuning: the ability to discern when the strings… Read more

Choosing string brands

August 11, 2006

have them on my violin, but I have played many violins strung with them and have quite liked them. My very… After re-examining my old strings, I…exists for the purpose of growing an admirable heart.” www.ViolinsRead more

My 4 year old doesn't want to practice/play anymore...

March 11, 2007

all and we’re spending $XXX a month for the violins to just sit there…” Any suggestions? I am thinking of…listening to his CD is key. Your husband said, “the violinS just sit there”—do you also have a violin to… Read more

2 kids - Need connection/moral support

July 26, 2008

I wait till later to expect them to get their violins and bows out of the case themselves. It’s one… Read more

11 year old daughter being left out of church youth choir

February 4, 2007

last week, the daughters of the two directors had their violins and were practicing pieces to accompany the choir. They have… Read more

Sibling Problem

February 7, 2007

later, the sisters are playing a fun game with the violins. The older sister plays A, E or F# while the… Read more

Surviving the summer

April 6, 2006

the summer, theory and chamber music, maybe some discounts for violins for families. In general, I think it can be said… This is a good topic for… Our violin teacher has a contract…month. So the $50/month we charge and the Chinese violins @ $148 work for this community. We do have students that… Read more

Practice and the math

August 11, 2006

a practice point, without being told. I make sure the violins get put away at the end of the day, or… Read more

Parent Education lessons

May 4, 2006 / Parent Education I have been having “Parent Training…bow bunnies! Do you have the parent get full size violins, or do they work with their kids’ instruments? Like Honeybee…color=red]Do you have the parent get full size violins, or do they work with their kids’ instruments? Most of…of the parents in the ed class get full sized violins—either they rent them (the local shop has extended as… Read more

Does Suzuki Really Work?

April 8, 2009

of months are ok, but years on footcharts and cardboard violins? Madness!!!! I have seen this done at a private school… Addendum: Note that a discussion on developing… The following is a great article… Read more

Lesson Cancellation - tolerance?

November 4, 2008 You are being very empathetic about…they are doing. It’s hard on the ears, though; violins over the phone line are unpleasantly edgy, and basically sound… …and my policy is actually very… Absolutely payment up front! Like Keroppi… Read more

helping a precocious player practice

July 31, 2007

and the way my kids played that piece on their violins just improved 100%. I think (And this is just my… Read more

Two violin teachers at the same time

November 26, 2007 / Teachers, Violin

but they are sized for the student, just like their violins. We also know how to make music enjoyable and relevant… Read more

what's the ultimate reason ?

May 13, 2007 I should add that it is… …particularly the ICSOM Statistics section: http… Steve Ledbetter, who is an eminent… The music world is very broad, and… Read more

Christmas fun

December 11, 2006

and baubles or other tree decorations, and we decorate our violins and bows. Elastic bands can be used quite effectively to… Read more

How can I inspire my 8 year old?

June 20, 2006

for any of my kids to practice. We keep our violins out most of the day on a “String Swing” hook… Read more

Poll: rewards or no rewards?

April 1, 2006

a power outage last summer, our family played piano and violins by candlelight and it was very, very nice. The doll… Read more

Violin Appraisal Referral-Southern California

September 24, 2019 / Violin

trust are Morey’s Music Store in Lakewood and Benning Violins in Los Angeles Jaclyn Kim I had my appraisal done…Metzler Violin Shop in Glendale. I also like Robert Cauer violins in Hollywood. Both deal with high-end instruments and appraisals… Read more

CHAMBER MUSIC for Strings - Play Along videos

CHAMBER MUSIC for Strings - Play Along videos

May 12, 2020 / Bach, Book 10, Book 4, Book 5, Book 6, Book 7, Book 8, Book 9, Cello, Chamber Music, Distance Learning, Group, Intermediate Students, Music, Music Minus One, Performing Groups, Play, Quarantine, Quartet, Supplemental Recordings, Supplementary Activities a

here Sheet music: here (and scroll down to the 2 violins, viola, cello arrangement). thanks for sharing these!… Read more

How to size a viola

August 20, 2019 / Sizing, Viola

starting to teach viola. I have a method for sizing violins (scroll should hit at the wrist with a relaxed arm…need on a violin. According to the way we size violins for children, some people might get to a full size… Read more

Duets for Suzuki violin books 4-5/intermediate

June 4, 2019 / Books, Duets, Suzuki, Suzuki Violin, Violin

movement of the Bach Concerto in D minor for 2 violins is overlooked, but is a sublime piece of music. There…arrangement of the Schubert “Ständchen” for two or three violins, but I’d have to do more research as to… Read more

Youth quartet dynamics

July 9, 2019 / Dynamics, Quartet

with both. They both see the merits of alternating the violins; but seem reticent because of how vocal/interventional the other…smart move some programs have made is to have the violins & viola learn and practice/rehearse all the violin & viola parts…seems the norm to rotate, and to just list all violins alphabetically, besides principals. Everyone should rotate sections as part of…a variety of challenges and persepctives. In some smaller groups violins and violas can rotate, as well. It has become mandatory… Read more

Vermont Suzuki Violins

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