Ms. Zoe Johnson

Violin, Piano, Voice Student

SAA Member


Collierville, TN

I am 20 years old. I have been playing the violin for 10 years. Piano was my first instrument, and I played for 11 years. I have been singing since I was very young; I am a part of my church choir, and I have sung at special events throughout my life. I am hoping to continue my skills and those instruments, because I want to be able to provide services for those as well. I am currently a junior—rising senior at Austin Peay State University. I am a Liberal Arts major and Spanish minor. I aspire to be a professional musician and private teacher. I am also considering composition, and by this year, I hope to have my own songs and melodies. I am looking for higher education after getting my Bachelor’s degree and getting a performance certificate for violin. My biggest aspiration is to have a permanent studio in Memphis and teach arts to the youth in the community to give them a leg up in having a skill that can take them places and provide a safe environment for them.  

I receive a music scholarship from my school. With that scholarship, I do protocol service to keep it. Along with that, I work with the Clarksville Youth Orchestra, helping, mentoring, and playing with the children. I am the new orchestral music librarian for the music department along with another student. The annual music honor festival that APSU does that I did in high school is what I now participate in as a staff member. I play behind the students and help facilitate the event along with the other college music students. 

I was a part of the Memphis Youth Symphony Program my junior and senior years in high school. I have done the APSU Honor Music Festival and the Memphis Music Festival. I am a part of the orchestra in my school, and I currently the second violin principal player. I have had chamber each semester; with that, I have had a luxury of experiencing different groups. I have been part of a quartet, quintet, trio, and as of this year, a duo. I have earned a spot in the TMEA All-Collegiate Orchestra, which I would have participated in spring 2020 if it were not for the pandemic. I have had five gigs since being in college. The most amazing of those was when I would play Christmas music while being at my job at Kroger. People would give donations to me, and it got so much attention, I was interviewed by my local news channel in Memphis; it was on TV Christmas night December 2020. I have also been paid to do a worship video for the Greater Bethlehem Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas.