Mrs. Tiffany C. Holliday-Wagner

Violin, Viola Teacher

Tiffany Holliday-Wagner

SAA Member


358 NE Silver Pine Dr
Bremerton WA 98310

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Tiffany had an early passion for playing violin at the age of 6 in rural south. She was a natural mentor to younger musicians in highschool, and began her own teaching studio at age 15. She completed a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Alabama in 2007, and moved to Oregon in search of Adventure. Tiffany pursued a Master of Music in violin and viola performance and pedagogy from the University of Oregon, as well as a Master of Arts in Musicology.

“My philosophy for violin teaching is centered around the body and the soul. If your muscles and bones are in correct alignment, and your technique is flexible, fluid, and tension free, you have the freedom to play any style you want. A typical lesson with a beginner is similar to a lesson with an advanced player: we focus on the body, then tone, then repertoire. As my favorite violin professor told me, ‘it doesn’t matter how hard your piece is. If it sounds like crap no one wants to hear it!’ The trick is to keep students motivated in an organized, positive, competition free environment and make a game of discipline and repitition that will follow them throughout their adult lives.”
-Tiffany Holliday-Wagner

Always interested in multiple musical styles, Tiffany uses the violin for more than just classical music. Aside from incorporating various folk music in her teaching, Tiffany and her husband Cavan write and perform dark neofolk music based on the Beowulf manuscript, singing in ancient Anglo-Saxon for their acoustic project Wēoh, and their black metal project Felled. Tiffany has recently fiddled for acoustic Irish punk group Toad in the Hole, the electric punk rock group ManOverBoard , faerie folk group Woodland.

Tiffany has been a registered Suzuki violin/viola teacher and an active member of SAA since 2007. She has completed multiple units of training for units 1-10 in the Suzuki violin and Viola sequence, as well as units for advanced supplemental repertoire. She continues to pursue professional development to be inspired by colleagues and masters of the craft.

In her free time outside of teaching and performing, Tiffany likes to write her own music, wildcraft willow baskets, work in her organic garden, snuggle her chickens, hike tall mountains, train for long-distance races with her red Alaskan malamute, travel to distant lands, occasionally talk like pirate and costume as a mythological creature.

Tiffany and Cavan had their first daughter in December of 2016, Thora Ash Wagner, who currently attends Music Together classes. They are expecting their second baby in December 2018.