Teresa Waite

Violin, Cello, Piano Teacher, Retired Teacher

SAA Member

I have played violin for 46 years. I have been involved in several orchestras including the Alpine Chamber Orchestra, Utah Youth Symphony and in several community orchestras in Florida and Utah.
I was involved in the startup of an award winning school program for the Huntsville Symphony in Huntsville Alabama. During this time I taught and trained teachers in the Third Grade Violin Program. I was the teacher trainer for the Symphony School, and a private and group instructor for the Symphony. Later, I became the curriculum coordinator. During my employment with them I had the opportunity to have my students perform for several different venues. Some of these included playing for the American Symphony Association, playing live during news broadcasts that involve the Huntsville Symphony School, performing in various places such as the Rotary and Optimist Clubs, as well as several private events for physicians. The Symphony School received many awards due to this program that was designed for third graders throughout Northern Alabama. I was one of two violin instructors that started teaching this program. Eventually several teachers were added to the Symphony School. My private students ranged from age four to fourteen. My favorite event was playing on the steps of the Von Braun Center for the well known opera singer Kathleen Battle. During this time in Alabama, I completed my 1a,1b, and book 2 training through the Suzuki Institute. However, my personal violin instructor was Joyce Nelson and she was known by our community for being educated in Talent Education with Dr. Sinichi Suzuki in Japan. I credit Ms. Nelson for teaching me to work hard in learning how to become an affective instructor.
Unfortunately, due to my husband’s important government career, I was unable to stay in Huntsville, and had to relocate several times to various states throughout the United States. Now that he is no longer involved in that line of work, we have settled down in NorthWest Washington. Throughout our many moves, I continued to teach privately from my home. Outside of music education, I have taught in several different elementary schools in Florida, Utah, and of course in Northern Alabama. I also worked in many special education environments. I have been teaching private music lessons for over twenty— five years.
I received my formal education at Southern Utah University, and at Brevard Community College (now a satellite for UCF in Florida) in both elementary education and music education.
I am a mother of four children and a grandmother to ten. My love is in music instruction and although I now teach simply for the enjoyment of it, I am very serious in teaching properly and with good technique and counting skills. Suzuki has taught me to educate with the understanding that every person can develop in music. I want to teach as many as I can to love and enjoy art of music. I have worked with special education students and have taught violin to children who are on the autism spectrum. I also enjoy teaching and working with students who have special needs.