Ms. Stephanie Quinn

Violin, Viola, Piano, Voice, Suzuki Early Childhood Education Teacher

Stephanie Quinn

SAA Member


Asheville, NC

Ms. Stephanie Quinn teaches both online as well as in her Studio. She started her Music Conservatory training at age 10 in both violin and piano. Her students enjoy her accompanying them on the piano on their finished pieces. She is a Eastman School of Music trained performer, teacher, acclaimed composer, and peace activist bringing people together with music, as well as a Suzuki teacher! Ms. Quinn states her philosophy: “Music training defines individual expression, refines the character, and divines the mind.”

Also, she holds a bi-monthly masterclass for performance / ensemble opportunities. Cut and paste this link to explore Ms. Quinn’s teaching style in previous masterclasses.

Please contact Ms. Quinn through her website, which includes testimonials, student YouTube channel and her YouTube performance channel.

Based in Asheville, North Carolina, Stephanie Quinn has decades of experience performing and teaching violin, viola, voice and piano. She will work with you on a variety of musical practices, such as improvisation, theory, ear training, sight-playing, and various other rudimental strategies. She has taught a blind man to play piano, and trained ‘tone deaf’ students to play in tune.

On YouTube, you will find “The Truth About Rhythm, Ya Just Can’t Beat It!” for the National Music Teachers Association Illinois Meeting.

As peace activist, her activities span many pages, detailed in her resume on the website. However suffice it to say, she pioneered in Israel techniques one would today call music therapy, using vocal improvisation to bring opposing factions together in emotional unity.