Schuan Carpenter

Guitar Teacher, Parent

Schuan Carpenter

SAA Member


College Place, WA
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Schuan Carpenter teaches success courses at Walla Walla University and is a Suzuki Guitar Teacher. In 2016-2017 he helped Walla Walla University increase their retention of his cohort of students by 20% through his instruction designed to increase emotional intelligence, behavior, and habit change.

Carpenter received his B.A. from Walla Walla University in 2000, and his M.A. From Andrews University in 2003, where his master’s thesis focused on how community can help change beliefs and behaviors.

As an entrepreneur and banking manager Schuan coached recent college graduates in high-pressure relationship management careers and led his team to win the prestigious “Pinnacle” award for top revenue growth.

Schuan is a Suzuki dad and triathlete who enjoys performing on a wide variety of instruments in a wide variety of genres in his spare time.