Saul J. Meyerson-Knox

Guitar Teacher

Saul Meyerson-Knox

SAA Member


Independence, OH

Saul Meyerson-Knox is a highly qualified and experienced guitar instructor specializing in Suzuki style lessons for students ages 4 and above, as well as traditional lessons for children and adults of all ages.  Saul holds a Masters of Music from the University of Cincinnati – College Conservatory of Music (CCM), with a double major in Classical Guitar Performance and Music History.  He has also completed Suzuki guitar teacher training, having trained at the Ann Arbor Suzuki Institute of Music and the Virginia Suzuki institute.  Saul received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Guilford College (North Carolina) in 2007, where he studied Classical and Jazz guitar.  He has taught private and group guitar and ukulele lessons to students of all ages since 2009, and is an active performer in the Cincinnati and Dayton area. 

Saul believes strongly in the Suzuki philosophy, which states that musical ability can be developed in every student.  Rather than prioritizing the idea of innate music talent, Saul believes that musical ability can and should be nurtured through proper training and a supportive environment.  Saul is convinced that the purpose of musical training for children should not be to produce prodigies, but rather to develop their character.

The main concern for parents should be to bring up their children as noble human beings. That is sufficient. If this is not their greatest hope, in the end the child may take a road contrary to their expectations. Children can play very well. We must try to make them splendid in mind and heart also.
Shinichi Suzuki

At CCM Saul was a graduate teaching assistant, where he taught the undergraduate Guitar Class, helped coach the Classical Guitar Ensemble, and taught private lessons.  He was also a Musicology department graduate assistant and helped design and teach the first “The Musician in Society” class.  His Master’s Thesis: “African Blues’: The Sound and History of a Transatlantic Discourse” was chosen in 2016 to represent the University of Cincinnati in the Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools (MAGS) Distinguished Master’s Thesis Competition, and was awarded the2016MAGS/ProQuestDistinguished Master’s Thesis Award in Humanities. 

Saul is deeply committed to studying and appreciating all genres of music.  Along with being an accomplished classical musician, Saul has studied electric guitar for many years and performs regularly with with different bands.  While his focus includes improvisation in jazz and blues, he also has extensive experience with rock and country music, and believes that it is important to expose his students to all forms of guitar performance.  Saul encourages all of his students to study classical guitar, but he is comfortable teaching all styles and he firmly believes that music theory and improvisation are crucial to developing well-rounded musicians.