Mrs. Sarah M. Wagstaff

Flute, Piano, Voice Teacher

SAA Member


Round Rock, TX

I love teaching and have taught since I started school and taught my younger siblings. I’m the oldest of eight children and always have enjoyed working with children of all ages. I’ve started several five-year-old flute students and taught even grandmothers to play the flute.

I graduated with a BS degree from Weber State University. I majored in Psychology, with dual minors in history and music. I completed my secondary education teaching certificate.

I’ve taught flute students for the past fourteen years. I’m now also teaching piano. I’ve taken lessons on multiple instruments including, flute, piano, voice, bass clarinet and violin, so I know what it’s like to be a beginner.

I’m very logical and understand how music works. I like to explain music theory to my students as it relates to the music that they are working on.

I started playing flute in the public school band in fifth grade. I had my first teacher in ninth grade after I already had years of bad habits to correct. I teach my flute students to have a good foundation, so that they will be able to play well from the beginning and so that they’ll be prepared for more advanced pieces later on.

I believe that sharing music with others is important and I require my students to play in recitals. I’m active in the SAU and encourage my students to attend the recitals, workshops and institutes the SAU offers. I’m also active in the Utah Music Teachers Association.

I’ve attended one of the Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA) national conventions(Minneapolis) and one of their leadership retreats (Denver.)

I’ve also completed several of the SAA Teacher Training courses offered for flute teachers.

I have helped plan five of the SAU’s Celebration Concerts and have written many articles for the SAU’s Newsletter.

I’ve taught many transfer students who started in band or came from other teachers. I also get many beginners, young or old. If you’ve thought of taking flute lessons, there’s no time like the present. I am currently accepting new students.