Mr. Santiago Laza

Flute Teacher

Santiago Laza


La Plata B, Argentina
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Suzuki Philosophy, dictaded by Caroline Fraser (E.E.U.U)

Flute Unit 1, dictaded by Kelly Williamson (Canada)

My Flute Teachers

María Cecilia Muñoz (International Soloist, 2nd Flute in Colon Theatre) 5 months in Switzerland/ 3 years in Argentina

Claudio Barile (1st Soloist Flute in the Philharmonic Orchestra of Buenos Aires) 3 years.

Gabriel Pérsico (Professor of Barroque Flute in the Conservatory Manuel de Falla) 2 years

Lars Nilsson (Flute Professor in Cuyo University, Mendoza) 1 year.

Hugo Regis (1st soloist Flute in the Argentinian Theatre of La Plata) 7 years.

Fernando Formigo (Flute Professor in San Martin de los Andes Music School) 3 years.

Courses, Workshops y congresses

Active participant—1st International Congress of Flutes in Argentinian Theatre (2011)

“Barroque Music” dictated by  Juan Florentino La Moglie (2011)

“Classical Music” dictaded by Juan Florentino La Moglie (2011)

“Flute Techniques” dictaded by Professor Félix Renggli y Maria Cecilia Muñoz (2009)

“8th. Encounter of flutes from the Sud of the world” Frutillar, Chile. Master Classes by Hernán Jara,

Stephanie Jutt, Alberto Almarza , Juan Cortes, Wilson Padilla, Lars Nilsson (2009)

“Chamber Music” dictaded by Conductor Daniel Mazza (2009)

“Advanced Techniques to Optimize the Learning of the Flute” dictaded by James Gordon Lyman (2007) 

“Chamber Music” dictaded by Prof. Lars Nilsson (2007) (2008)

“Jazz Flute” with Prof. Alejandro Santos  (2006)

Popular music workshop in Quena with the Prof. Fernando Formigo  (2001 al  2004)

My last projects

Director and Flutist of the N.G.O Ensemble 0,618

The N.G.O Ensemble 0.618 is a project that emerged in 2012 as a contemporary music ensemble. Its success and the commitment of its members led it to become a civil association, at which time, I became its Director. Its main functions are the articulation of composers and musicians for the performance of Contemporary Music and act as a platform for projects of Chamber Music. Among the most outstanding projects we find the world premiere of the opera “Gruta de Ninfas” by Augusto Arias, the recording of “Grammiere des Revés” by Kaija Saariaho (the only recording and performance in Argentina) and the end of the year concert (2013 ) in the “Salon Dorado” of the Cultural Center Dardo Rocha, La Plata. This concert had 25 musicians on stage and toured the music of the twentieth century. In this context I worked as a soloist in the work of Alberto Ginastera “Impresiones de la Puna” for Flute and String Orchestra. In addition, the Ensemble has participated in different festivals, gave concerts to the community and benefit concerts in different rooms of La Plata and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Flute and Piccolo soloist at the world premiere of “Gruta de Ninfas” by Augusto Arias

In 2014 the Ensamble 0.618 carried out the staging and world premiere of the opera “Gruta de Ninfas” by Augusto Arias. The start-up required the participation of

“Cantuta”, Female Choir as well as Technical Body, régisseur and cast. For the main role, Érica Eloff, an internationally recognized soprano, was summoned.

1st Flute soloist in symphonic concerts by Rick Wakeman

In 2014, the former member of the group Yes came to Argentina as part of his World Tour to carry out what is perhaps his most famous show. It was the “Journey to the Center of the Earth” and his show “The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table” in its Symphonic versions. For this, a Symphony Orchestra had to be formed, to which I was summoned to occupy the role of 1st Soloist Flute. This type of work requires musicians with great versatility and solid training since the times for the assembly of the material are very limited and the standards of demand are very high.

1st solo flute at the Bach Association of La Plata

This N.G.O based in La Plata has relied on me as a flutist for his projects on several occasions, mainly due to my specialization in Baroque Music, and for my studies of Baroque Traverso that I made during 2 years with Mtro. Gabriel Persico. Among the projects to which I have been invited are: Concert for Flute and harpsichord with 3 Sonatas for Flute and harpsichordby J.S.Bach and Partita in A minor for Flute alone also, by J.S.Bach. And The Musical Offering (in its full version) also, by J.S.Bach

“Synaulia” Duo with Master Jorge Pappadopoulus

This duo of Flute and Guitar has been offering concerts since 2011. Our repertoire focuses mainly on the Music of Astor Piazzolla and our approach to the repertoire focuses not only on the professional experience of the duo but also integrates the socio-political context of the author at the moment of compose his work. This parallel study to the musical work offers interpretations where the technical resources of the duo are exploited to the maximum for each piece. This, added to a brief narrative prior to the execution, positions the listener in the imaginary of the author at the moment of composition, completely changing the experience of the concert format. The duo has given concerts in numerous halls of the city of La Plata and also in Buenos Aires halls.