Monica Frahm

Piano, Cello, Flute Teacher

Monica Frahm

SAA Member


Elk Grove, CA

Monica’s passion for early early Music Education has been reflected in her years of helping young children find their love for music. She has taught age-specific group lessons focused on developing motor, multi-sensory, and social skills as well as strong parent-child connections. Monica participated as program coordinator for the Center of Music Initiation, in which she developed the curriculum for several music ensembles, theory classes, and music appreciation, as well intro to music classes for preschoolers. Monica obtained her master’s degree from the Zaoksky University of Russia, graduating with a major in Piano Performance and a minor in Choir Conduction. She worked at the American Institute of Monterrey as music theory teacher, obtaining in 2011 the Teacher of the Year award. Monica has also successfully completed the Suzuki Method and Philosophy training. For the last five years Monica has conducted her private practice in Sacramento, California instilling in numerous students the love for music and helping them to improve their abilities in playing piano, flute and cello.

Monica Frahm—Master of Arts , Piano Performance
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